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Get in the Ring Dutch National Final

Be part of Get in the Ring and see the top startups of the Netherlands battle, to secure their spot for the Regional Finals in London.

Capacity: 1000 Rotterdam Science Tower

How To Get There Summit

The How To Get There Summit on 19 November aims to stimulate the collaboration between corporations, startups and innovation hubs in the Netherlands.

Capacity: 1500 Rotterdam Science Tower

Get Started Programme

An intense, ongoing ten week programme to empower ambitious, first-time start-up entrepreneurs

Capacity: 20 ECE Campus

The Rotterdam 100

In a rapidly changing world, Rotterdam needs bright minds to develop innovative ideas for a future-proof economy. The Rotterdam 100...

Capacity: 100 ECE Campus
Kees de Jong
Serial Entrepreneur

"The willingness of an entrepreneur to learn, is the greatest predictor for growth"


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