Young Lady Business Academy

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Are you a woman*, between the age of 15 and 25 years? Then this event is for you!

*Anyone who ascribes to the female gender identity is welcome to join! 

*In case you fall slightly above or just under the age group don’t hesitate to apply – where possible and with the right motivation, exceptions can be made.

What is Young Lady Business Academy?

It is an initiative founded by businesswoman of the year Elske Doets. Her free one-week ‘Business Academy helps young women aged 15 to 25 of all educational levels to build up confidence and develop the ability to make sharp (career) choices, to take up influential key-positions in public and private sectors or to take their first steps as entrepreneurs. The Young Lady Business Academy (YLBA) endorses young women with the strength to define their own fate, and the capacity to ‘enrich’ society with female leadership. In such manner, we help the collective acceleration towards the direction of increased gender equality. 

Many women are (still) scared to follow their dreams and passions and encounter other forms of resistance from their environment, the job-market or by their own perfectionism. It has become Elske’s personal mission to help women to let go of that resistance. She firmly believes this is best done at the start of your professional life. Together with Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, we make sure to continue supporting women in key positions in later stages as well. 

During an ‘intensive speed-course program’, organised live at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, various prominent role models will collaborate with Elske to help Young Ladies with developing skillsets, confidence and visions that aids as a kick-start for their careers.  

You can expect workshops from top-level professionals and winners of the last editions of the Young Lady Business Academy. The course will get you out of your comfort zone and provide a lot of ‘action’ in an environment which previous attendees describe as ‘extremely positive and safe’ 

At the end of the Academy, a special traineeship of three months will be offered to the high(est)-potential trainee of each year. Other prizes are, amongst others, a Get Started scholarship from the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and a special introductory trajectory at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

So, if are you passionate or ambitious about becoming an entrepreneur, CEO, or see yourself as a future politician or power woman in business, then please join Elske Doets at her program. 


Langue of instruction: Dutch (International edition is currently in progress – to be launched in 2024/2025).

Two editions are hosted per year.

Upcoming editions

Summer edition (11) – June 2023

Autumn edition (12) – November 2023

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Eske Doets

A businesswomen, speaker, and motivator who is passionate in challenging young women to make clear life choices, to enable them to rise to defining positions in business and the government.