Study: the relationship between your entrepreneurial performance & Peter Pan

10 November 2021

Question: What do Peter Pan and entrepreneurs have in common? That’s an interesting question, right? You might help us know the answer! Erasmus School of Economics and Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship started a new research into entrepreneurial performance and psychological & behavioural factors. It is well known that entrepreneurs have peculiar characteristics; new insights suggest that some of them, in particular, can lead to a higher performance of their firm. Small anticipation: some of these might have something in common.

By filling in the form below (10 mins ca.), you will help us identify which characteristics define a successful entrepreneur. At the end of the study, we will share the findings with you and perhaps you will discover a little more about yourself too!

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In the past decades, many studies have examined the psychological and behavioral factors that determine entrepreneurial behavior and performance. But new insights tell us that we have overlooked important aspects. There are factors associated with young children, adolescents, and parenting styles that turn out to be important traits when running your own business. Thanks to the results of this research, entrepreneurs will be able to recognize and understand the importance of certain traits that are conducive to a better entrepreneurial performance. The important question is: Have you grown into a mature full-fledged entrepreneur or do you still need that extra push from the past? Time will tell.

This research is conducted by Brian Chung, a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus School of Economics. Brian has completed three Master’s degrees and is now an enthusiastic researcher in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is interested in the psychological and institutional effects on entrepreneurial performance.

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