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Entrepreneurship among students is on the rise and more and more ambitious student entrepreneurs are discovering that successfully combining their studies and running a business can be challenging. If you want to take on the challenge, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Erasmus University Rotterdam can offer you personal guidance and help you maximise your business alongside your studies.

What is the Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme?

Similar to support programmes for students who are competitive athletes, the Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme assist high-potential student entrepreneurs from Erasmus University in combining their studies with running their businesses.

In this programme, participants have a personal study advisor to address aligning study duties and business obligations such as meeting investors or customers. The programme allows participants to organise their studies more flexibly according to their business needs, e.g. in terms of time schedules and class participation. This combination of educational and entrepreneurial support can help produce successful alumni that are also strong entrepreneurs.

The programme provides student entrepreneurs with:

  • A personal study advisor to provide support in achieving educational objectives, for example (reasonable) flexibility in attendance requirements;
  • A personal business mentor to provide support in achieving business growth;
  • Access to a network full of student entrepreneurs;
  • Access to a network of investors, experienced entrepreneurs and experts;
  • Erasmus Business Membership, with access to a dedicated flex workspace;
  • A passive membership to ECE Students;
  • Pre-eminence in the selection procedure and discount for startup programmes (such as the Student Founders Programme).

High-potential student entrepreneurs combine study & business at Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Application Process

A strict admission process guarantees that only high-potential student entrepreneurs are selected into the programme. See the steps below that need to be followed before you can be admitted the Talented Student Entrepreneur status.






Apply here for a first screening of your situation. We will evaluate whether the stage of your entrepreneurial journey is appropriate to join the programme.

If necessary, we will connect you to your dedicated study advisor to explain the hours involved in your entrepreneurial activities, in relation to your study.

Receive an invitation to pitch your business plan at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Campus.

Pitch your business in front of an acknowledged jury, followed by a Q&A session to evaluate how we can provide you support based on your unique situation.

Admission to the Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme.

What former participants say

In 2012, we launched the Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme in partnership with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam School of Management and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. As the first university where you can combine your studies with your own company, we’ve supported high-potential student entrepreneurs in successfully completing their studies and being a strong entrepreneur. Want to know how they experienced the programme, read the quotes of former participants below. 

“Are you having a hard time combining your studies and your business? The Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme helps you out!”

Steven Lammertink
Founder of The Cirqle

“Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme provided a great way to efficiently organize my time spent studying and still get the most out of my study programs while also allowing me to focus more on developing Nestpick.”

Fabian Dudek
Founder of Nestpick

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“Settling in at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneur Campus gave us structure and a professional environment to have meetings, enabling us to grow our business to the next level.”

Olivier Momma & Rick Scharnigg
Founders of Ekster Wallets

Former participants: Melvin & Jasper

Founders of Seepje

“As an entrepreneur, you of course have to put in serious commitment to ensure the success of your company. But as a student entrepreneur, you have to combine this with the pressure of passing exams. The privileges and flexibility you can get with the Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme helped us manage running our startup successfully alongside our study.”

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Dedicated faculty contacts

The Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme is supported by Erasmus University Rotterdam faculties: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus School of History Communication and Culture, Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Erasmus School of Philosophy and Erasmus University College. Here are some of the dedicated study advisors and contact persons from each faculty that will help you reach your academic ambitions during your entrepreneurial journey:

Menno van der Hoorn

Study Advisor (RSM)vanderhoorn@rsm.nl

Leonie van Winden (ESE)

Study Advisorstudyadviser@ese.eur.nl

Martine van de Paal

Study Advisor (ESSB)vandepaal@essb.eur.nl

Roos Erkel

Study Advisor (ESL) erkel@law.eur.nl

Are you a student entrepreneur and ready to take the step?

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Is your faculty not mentioned above but you think you’re still eligible to apply? Curious to learn more about the Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme?

Feel free to get in touch with our Startup Programmes team!

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T: 010-740 23 33

Katty Hsu

Senior Researcher & Startup Facilitator

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