Training: Innovation tools and techniques (for teams)

Discover in 3 days the right mindset, tools and skills to change and innovate quickly and effectively with your team
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For whom

This training is for teams and groups who want to discover the innovation step-by-step process and apply it to their own collaborative projects.

Date and place

Date and place are planned in consultation with you and depend on your specific wishes.

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The fee for this training determined per participant (minimum of 4 participants per training) for a 3-day incompany training, access to online learning management system and course materials.

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Key benefits

Build your innovation ‘dream team’ together

Today’s organisations are increasingly focused on innovation and entrepreneurship for the purpose of their growth and renewal. To this end, we train teams and groups in the application of numerous tools and techniques for the execution of their collaborative innovation projects and for the stimulation of entrepreneurial behavior. Learn collaborative tools and techniques for innovation. Innovate how you create and develop ideas to foster more innovation in your work with the teams you are already a part of or assemble.

Ursula de JongStrategic business consultant Eneco

"Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship helped us to rapidly test and develop new business opportunities for the future of Eneco"

Programme overview

“Innovation tools and techniques” training at a glance

We offer the ‘Innovation tools and techniques’ training in-company (at your location). This might be of interest to you if you need to train several colleagues at once, or if you would like to tailor the training to the practical organisation’s and its teams’ challenges.

Programme agenda:

Day 1: Empathize & Ideate

An innovation process starts with empathizing with your customer, what is the problem you are trying to solve? After this day you will;

  • Come to understand the first steps of an innovation process;
  • Learn to use different tools to empathize with your customer like: a persona card, empathy map, customer journey map;
  • Learn to find the real problem by for example the job-to-be done theory and defining a problem statement;
  • Experience an ideation process and come up with some first ideas.

Day 2: Value proposition, prototype and validate

Today we will work on finding a problem-solution fit. What is the value you are going to deliver and how will you translate this in a product or service:

  • Develop the capability to translate a problem in a solution by using among others the value proposition canvas;
  • Experience the rapid prototyping process and develop a first prototype
  • Learn how to validate your assumptions by running experiments.

Day 3: Business model and pitch

The first days focused mainly on desirability, the third day we will focus on feasibility and viability. How will you bring your idea to the market or your organisation:

  • Learn to use tools like the business model canvas and the business model delta to test your idea’s feasibility and viability;
  • Experience how to pitch your idea to different stakeholders;
  • Design the next steps to bring innovation to a next level within your organisation by designing your (personal) innovation roadmap.

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Improve your innovation skills with our Leading Innovation Executives programmes. We offer programmes in various innovation areas so you can tailor it to your personal and professional development needs.

Our team

Top academics and industry-leading practitioners as facilitators

In this programme Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship brings professionals from different organisations together to get the most out of learning with and from each other. This learning is fueled by the latest hands-on insights from the world-class innovation and entrepreneurship research performed by professors from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and international partner universities. We combined this academic knowledge with practical experience from industry-leading innovation professionals from large companies within our network and startups in our community.

Prof.dr. Justin Jansen

Academic Director

Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers

Programme Director

Prof. dr. Tom Mom

Professor Strategic Growth & Implementation

And more

Our team consists of more than 25 academic trainers and researchers on entrepreneurship.

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About Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

The leading centre for entrepreneurship in Europe

Part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam

We leverage the knowledge and network of Erasmus University Rotterdam, a university founded by entrepreneurs more than 100 years ago. With 25+ researchers and 4 full professors in entrepreneurship, it is in the DNA of our university. We provide participants with a diploma.

Academic excellence & practical experience 

We apply hands-on insights from world-class innovation and entrepreneurship research and practices from industry-leading innovation professionals. This combination results in the ability of participants to make impact in the organisation. 

Learning through reflection on doing

Experiential learning is at the core of all our programmes. Participants learn through working on their own and other participants’ cases from different organisations/sectors/countries in an interactive way.

The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is the leading entrepreneurship centre in Europe.

We provide a unique platform that ranges from scholarly insights about (corporate) entrepreneurship and new opportunities, startup campuses for ambitious entrepreneurs, to exciting executive programmes for leading innovation excellence within established organisations.

We developed a 10.000 m2 entrepreneurship campus, housing over 100 startups and scale-ups, creating the learning environment to teach, train and develop people to excel in innovation.

Erasmus University Rotterdam has the largest academic research group in Europe with over 25 researchers and 4 professors in the field of entrepreneurship.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more?

Who can participate in this programme?

This programme is for (innovation) professionals who are looking to learn about the latest tools and techniques to implement lasting innovation within the organisation.

How much time will I need to spend on this programme?

The training consist of 3 days in class. Next to these, there will be some preparatory work for each class day, and optional Webinars. 

What is the maximum number of participants that can join the programme?

The limit amount of participants is 15 as we seek for a highly interactive learning environment. 

Where will the programme take place?

The in-class modules can take place at your own location or at our entrepreneurial campus: the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in the Rotterdam Science Tower, the Netherlands. 

Address: Marconistraat 16, 3029 AK Rotterdam, the Netherlands

What kind of certification will I receive when I graduate from this programme?

After completion of the training you will receive a proof of participation.

In what language will the Modules be held?

The training will be facilitated in English or Dutch, based on the wishes of the participants. 

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