Top 250 Scale-ups

The Top 250 Scale-ups 2017 (Top 250 Groeibedrijven 2017) is based on our ScaleUp Dashboard, which is an annual research into Dutch scale-ups conducted by our Academic Director and Professor Corporate Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Prof. dr. Justin Jansen:

The ScaleUp Dashboard is the first list that truly takes into account and measures all companies in the Netherlands with more than 10 FTE. There are more lists about scale-ups available, but those give limited insights because companies have to register themselves or the lists are focused on specific sectors. Insight in which companies truly belong to the Top of scale-ups is missing and that is what we hope to achieve by creating and launching this Top 250 Scale-ups (Top 250 Groeibedrijven) – of over 3000 scale-ups – in the Netherlands.”

2017 is the first year that the Top 250 Scale-ups (Top 250 Groeibedrijven) is published and it is launched together with nlgroeit in presence of Queen Máxima on January 23rd, 2017.

“It never was a goal in itself to grow this much, but it is a beautiful reward for the brand Rituals and the passionate people that work for it 24/7. At this moment in time we are opening 2 to 3 stores every week globally and the Rituals family grows in high speed.” – CEO Raymond Cloosterman of Rituals regarding 1st place in Top 250 Scale-ups 2017. Photo credits: Daniel Verkijk.

Discover Scale-ups In Your Region Or Sector

The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship also conducts research on scale-ups on a regional level, on commission for organizations such as the Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (BOM), Innovation Quarter (IQ) and the city of Rotterdam. The insights help them discover how many scale-ups their region has and how to best support and promote their growth, thereby creating new jobs in the regional economy.

Also for non-governmental and commercial organisations, our database and studies can be adapted to region or sector, reveiling all companies with a reliable 3-year top growth record. 

Criteria Top 250 Scale-ups 2017

Companies are supposed to be economically active on January 1st, 2012 and needed to have a minimum of 10 FTE and/or to have made €5 million in revenue. In three consecutive years the company needs to grow with a minimum of 20% each year in revenue and/or FTE.

The Top 250 realized the most growth over the period. The Top 10 is based on the nett job creation in this period.

The Top 250 Scale-ups 2017 can be recognized on- and offline by the use of this icon:


TOP 250 SCALE-UPS 2018

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Top 10

Based on nett job creation 2012-2016.

1. Rituals

CEO and founder: Raymond Cloosterman; Year of establishment: 2000;  No. new jobs created: 1,097; Location: Amsterdam. Originated from the conviction that with little effort some extra luck can be created, Rituals still is one of the most successful cosmetics brands in the Netherlands. Founder and CEO Raymond Cloosterman (alumnus Erasmus University Rotterdam) has with his company expanded abroad and hence has grown to more than 400 stores worldwide in fifteen years. This internationalisation has boosted the creation of new fulltime jobs and makes Rituals a true no. 1 in the Top 250 Scale-ups 2017.

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

2. Royal Reesink

CEO: Gerrit van der Scheer; Year of establishment: 1786;  No. new jobs created: 906; Location: Apeldoorn. Royal Reesink was originally founded as a forge, but soon after they were trading in iron, ironware and coals. Nowadays it is a wholesale business in a.o. agriculture equipment, hand tools, household appliances and garden furniture. In recent years the company has done several major acquisitions that make Royal Reesink a dominant player in the European market, and that caused rapid growth for the company and significant job creation.

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

3. Coolblue

CEO and founder: Pieter Zwart; Year of establishment: 1999;  No. new jobs created: 456; Location: Rotterdam. Of course Coolblue and founder Pieter Zwart (alumnus Erasmus University Rotterdam) cannot miss in this Top 250 Scale-ups 2017! At the moment of writing Coolblue already has more than 300 websites and five brick and mortar stores. Besides, in 2015 the company opened a 22,000 m2  warehouse in Tilburg (FYI approximately the size of five soccer fields). Coolblue expects to create many more jobs in the coming years, but for now the company reached a great 3rd place in this list.

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard


CEO and founder: Jitse Groen; Year of establishment: 2000;  No. new jobs created: 273; Location: Amsterdam. The idea of – in the Netherlands known as – came into existence during a party in a small village as ordering food in a rural area almost seemed impossible. Nowadays the company has grown to the international market leader in online food delivery and active in 10 countries. The platform connects restaurants to hungry consumers and facilitates the monetary transaction.

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

5. Optiver

CEO: Paul Hilgers; Year of establishment: 1986;  No. new jobs created: 266; Location: Amsterdam. The name Optiver comes from the fitting description Option Trader (in Dutch: Optie Verhandelaar). The company trades in financial derivatives and combines this with high-end technology. With their innovative trading system the company grew to one of the three biggest derivatives traders of Amsterdam and currently does business all over the world.

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

6. Adyen

CEO and founder: Pieter van der Does; Year of establishment: 2006;  No. new jobs created: 262; Location: Amsterdam. In 2006 payment technicians Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff bundled their powers and founded Adyen. Fun fact: Adyen means “Start over again” in Surinamese. The goal? Grabbing the chance to change the rapidly changing financial transactions. Ever since the company entered a rapid of growth. In 2009 the company found their first big customer: Groupon. Soon after the company Adyen developed from startup to internationally operating company. In 2013 the Adyen platform dealt with over $14 billion, in 2014 $25 billion and in 2015 $50 billion!

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

7. Van Ameyde

CEO: Piet Middelkoop; Year of establishment: 1945;  No. new jobs created: 195; Location: Rijswijk. Imagine damaging your car, or having your home burgled, and then being faced with all the paperwork and having to make appointments with loss adjusters? Thank goodness not anymore! Thanks to ‘Van Ameyde’ much of this can easily dealt with online via Van Ameyde’s claims management platform and its  integrated IT solutions. The company is specialized in claims management and is a front runner in the area of outsourcing insurance claims. Next to this, the company offers Big Data insights and a service package ranging from valuation of assets to outsourcing claims processes; that is what we call a company in transition!

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

8. Conclusion FIT

CEO and founder: Murat Kiran; Year of establishment: 1991;  No. new jobs created: 176; Location: Utrecht. As part of business service company Conclusion, Conclusion FIT offers an all-in-one solution for many ICT challenges. It is not a regular ICT company and that can be seen from the customer base; ranging from ProRail to foundation KWF Kankerbestrijding. With the slogan ‘Business done differently’ Conclusion FIT distinguishes itself by embedding ICT in the core business of organisations with as goal to make a difference in society, for which continuity and innovation are conditions for progress.

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

9. Group of Butchers

CEO and founder: Nick Visser; Year of establishment: 1997 (Dutch Grill Specialists);  No. new jobs created: 160; Location: Tilburg. In 2012 the company was taken over by Nordian, former private equity branch of Rabobank, after which the revenue rapidly increased. In 2015 the company changed their name to ‘Group of Butchers’ and tries to position itself as market leader in fresh meat products. The enthusiastic men describe themselves as a group of butchers that work with meat, but don’t just make regular meat products. With their meat products scan, bake-off products and several trainings in ‘hospitality at the Fresh Department’, Group of Butchers is able to create a unique concept.

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

10. Fondel

CEO: Austin van ‘t Wout; Year of establishment: 1962 (Grondmet B.V.);  No. new jobs created: 134; Location: Rotterdam. In 1962 Willem van ‘t Wout founded his first company: Grondmet B.V.. In 2002 all of the companies in the holding merged to ‘Fondel’. As international supplier Fondel supplies raw materials to the steel, aluminium and precious metals industry. Next to this, the company focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship by applying innovative technologies to reusing metals and to tapping into sustainable energy sources. With over 50 years of experience this company cannot be forgotten anymore in the metals industry!

More info on ScaleUp Dashboard

Top 11-250

In alphabetical order.



AB/Ovo Media


Aethon Groep

Aeves Groep

AFA Dispensing Group

AFAS Software


ALMED assembling

Amici IT

Ampelmann Operations

Applied Micro Electronics




Bartosz ICT




Biesheuvel Groep

BNS Fulfillment

Body & Fit Sportsnutrition


Bouwgroep Dijksma Draisma

Brand New Day



Calco Group

CAPTER Nijmegen


Central Point International

Certin Incasso


Concreet Hygiene

Connect SB

Crux Engineering

Crystal ICT



D & A Medical Group



Das Automotive Services

Data Management Professionals

De Eekhoorn Woodworkings

De Nieuwe Zaak eCommerce

Decom Technology People


DHW Service


DTC Media Online

Dutch Tecsource


Duvak Automatisering




Engagement Factory

Eteck Energie Bedrijven

ETF Machinefabriek


Event Rent


Fashion Linq

Feburo Global Meat

Ferdinand Zandbergen


First Consulting

First Impression





Forever Direct

FRISS | fraud, risk & compliance

Fruity Line

Future Communication Consultants



Greenhouse Group


Guidion Nederland

HBL Online


Helion IT

Heliview Professional Marketing Services

Hiltermann Lease Groep




Ilionix Group

In Person Uitzendbureau

Infotheek Groep

International Plywood

ISM eCompany

IT Staffing Groep


ITEQ Works

IT-Ernity Internet Services

J.M. De Jong Duke Automatenfabriek


Joost Zorgt Nederland

Kees Smit Tuinmeubelen

Kien Facility Management

Knipidee International

Koppert Cress

Lagerwey Group

Leapp Group International

Lindenhaeghe Opleidingen

Logistic Force

Machinefabriek Houdijk



McCoy & Partners

Metrological Media Innovations

MKB Schoon!


Moving Spirits International

MP Objects

Nature’s Pride

Nauta Sign

NFP Groep







Oliver IT

OMS Solutions

One Uitzendbureau


Open Line

Orangeworks Groep

Otolift Trapliften


OTTO Work Force

Oxyma Groep

P4people HRM Services


Partners Network

Pay for People


Please Payroll

Plinten & Profielen Centrale

Polyplastic Groep

Probo Sign


Qargo Packers

Quality Produce International (Q.P.I.)


Quion Groep






REV’IT Sport International

Rijk Zwaan

Rochewood Insurance & Banking


Rolldock Shipping

Rotom Europe

Rotterdam World Gateway

RSG Finance

Samen in de Zorg

Scholt Energy


SecureLink Nederland


Seven Stars ICT Group


SIRE Group



Snack Connection

SnelStart Software

Social Deal

Soo Media

Sparked Services

Spyx Projecten

Sqills Projects

Staffing Associates

STAN Partners

Steens Consultants


Talent&Pro Nederland



TeKa Groep


Temporary Works Design


The Employment Group

The Hyve

The Jekill & Hyde Company

TOBROCO Machines


Triple IT

Tromp Group


Unica Groep

Valveco – the valve company –

Van den Broek Sneltransport

Van Dijck Groenteproducties

Van Domburg Partners

Van Iperen International

Van Kooten Tuin en Buiten Leven


Verhoef Select Drive

Vermaat Groep

Vitens-Evides International





WEBB Traders

Webhelp Nederland






WVH Gevelprojecten


YER Talent

YMOR E-Services


Your Professionals

Youwe Commerce




Zuiver Media

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