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247TailorSteel believes that everybody strives for more comfort, simplicity and customisation. We are convinced that the extra value of the internet of things and artificial intelligence help to satisfy our customers. 247TailorSteel makes laser-cut metal boards, pipes and parts for every use and for every business customer. With the guarantee of high quality. The advanced web-based system Sophia plays a big role. This advanced software ensures an efficient production process that saves costs and money. Sophia can read documents of a composed product and automatically detect laser-parts, parts and pipes.

Top 250 Scale-ups

The Top 250 Scale-ups 2019 (Top 250 Groeibedrijven 2019) is based on our ScaleUp Dashboard, which is an annual research into Dutch scale-ups conducted by our Academic Director and Professor Corporate Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Prof. dr. Justin Jansen. 2019 is the third year that the Top 250 Scale-ups (Top 250 Groeibedrijven) is published and it is presented together with nlgroeit.

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