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We are ambitious and achieving our aims requires a strong and dedicated team. We have put together a talented and experienced ‘dream team’ passionate about entrepreneurship and consisting of highly-motivated staff, (academic) trainers and facilitators, four full professors and 25+ top researchers. Together, we are always looking forward to the achievement of our next goal!

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Current vacancies

We are always looking for great people to join our team. Can’t find a vacancy that suits you? Send an open application to, highlighting your ambitions and why you should be a part of the team.

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Farshida Zafar


Leonardo Fuligni


Annique de Greef

Head of

Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers


Dr. Magdalena Cholakova

Academic Director

Bas van Eck

ECE Campus

Mostafa Zeriouh


Jip Dresia

Programme Manager

Katty Hsu

Senior Researcher & Startup

Richard Luxemburg


Michel van Dalfzen

Maria Rita Reis

Project Coordinator

Kat Moy

Design & Marketing

Irene Tsitse

Sem Moerman


Devin Halbe


Sarah Streim

Junior Project

Mint Peters

Junior Project

Dr. Rene Olie

Program Director Space for Business

Laulinda Antonia Massunda

Junior Project Coordinator

Maria Napiórkowska


Rowena Witte

Junior Events
We work in close collaboration with

Top academics and facilitators

Prof. Dr. Justin Jansen

Professor Corporate Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Tom Mom

Professor Strategic Growth & Implementation

Prof. Dr. Ir. Vareska van de Vrande

Professor Collaborative Innovation & Business Venturing

Dr. Ingrid Verheul

Associate Professor Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan van den Ende

Emeritus Professor Management of Technology & Innovation

Prof. Dr. Daan Stam

Endowed Professor Innovation Management

Dr. Giuseppe Criaco

Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Roy Thurik

Emeritus Professor Economics & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Pourya Darnihamedani

Lecturer and researcher

Prof. Dr. Peter Roosenboom

Professor Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity

Dr. Luca Berchicci

Associate Professor Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing
Image Dr. Dirk Deichmann

Dr. Dirk Deichmann

Associate Professor Creative & Innovative Behaviour

Arjan Rensma

Sustainable Innovation Driver

Angelique Plugge

Innovation Driver

Ad van Dongen

Innovation Driver

Anita Lieverdink

Innovation Orchestrator

Frank Berkers

Senior Scientist

Maurits Butter

Senior Scientist

Thomas Blekman

Clinical Professor Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Yassine Lamrani Abou Elassad

PhD Candidate

Prof. Dr. Frank van Oort

Professor of Urban And Regional Economics

Somaye Dehban

PhD Candidate

Dr. Dion Bongaerts

Associate Professor of Finance

Mahdi Shahriari

PhD Candidate

Dr. Joris Meijaard

Academic Director

Dr. Thijs Geradts

Programme Manager Sustainability

Dr. Hannes Leroy

Associate Professor Authentic Leadership

Dr. Hein Roelfsema

Associate Professor International Entrepreneurship

Dr. Murat Tarakci

Associate Professor of Innovation Management

Dr. Rene Bakker

Associate Professor Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Rebecca Hewett

Department of Organisation and Personnel Management

Prof. Dr. Philip Hans Franses


Dr. Laura Rosendahl-Huber

Assistant Professor

Suzana Varga

PhD Candidate in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Peter Knorringa

Academic Director

Dr. Fabrizio Core

Assistant Professor