Startup Visa Facilitator

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) is a recognized RVO startup facilitator for international innovative startup entrepreneurs. When applying for the startup visa with ECE as facilitator, startups are eligible for joining the Get Started programme and get 12-weeks of mentoring and workshops on how to launch their startup! Please note, this Get Started programme is optional and an additional intake is required.

Join the ECE Community
We only accept to be a startup visa facilitator for people that want to be located in Rotterdam and be part of our ECE community. Learning from over 100 entrepreneurs creates a lever for your success and will increase your chances of success. Next to that, the relevant network is represented at the ECE Campus, from investors to corporates, and from talent to experienced entrepreneurs. Our ECE Campus is the ultimate ecosystem for startups.

Who can join?
Internationals applying for startup visa with ECE as facilitator need to match the following requirements:

  • An innovative startup idea
  • A match with the Dutch Market
  • A worked-out business plan
  • A prototype
  • Preferred: work with a team

Fill out the following form for the ECE team to see whether you are eligible for applying for a startup visa with ECE as facilitator.

More information Startup Visa and facilitators
Find more information about the facilitator programme and startup visa here. With a startup visa, international startups get one year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands.

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