Startup Visa Facilitator

Startup Visa Facilitator 

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) is a recognized RVO startup facilitator for international innovative startup entrepreneurs. A Facilitator is a business mentor that provides the entrepreneur with support. Having a facilitator is one of the conditions for getting a startup visa. With a startup visa, international startups get one year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands. 


What support does ECE provide? 

ECE offers two programmes the entrepreneur can take part in. 

  1. Get Started Programme 

Get Started is a 12-week programme that empowers ambitious startup entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a business and scale it. Through mentoring, workshops and an amazing network, you’ll work on building a product that people want and love and create a business model around it. 

Find more information about the Get Started Programme here.

  1. Business Membership Programme 

Do you want to speed up the development of your startup? Interaction with fellow entrepreneurs? A dedicated workspace? The ECE Business Membership allows you to join our community and benefit from all the facilities while staying lean. Through the ECE Business Membership, you’ll be able to have a dedicated workspace and to attend workshops and accountability sessions every month. 

Find more information on the Business Membership Programme here.



For both programmes there are costs involved which are specified down below. You have 2 options to choose from:

  1. Combination of the Get Started and the Business Membership Programme 

You participate in the Get Started Programme for 12 weeks first for 625 euros total. After that, you pay 250 euros a month for the Business Membership Programme for 9 months total.  

  1. Solely the Business Membership Programme

You pay 250 euros a month to be a Business Member for 12 months total. 


When do I qualify for a startup visa? 

When you want to apply for a startup visa and therefore a residence permit in the Netherlands, there are several general conditions that apply to your stay. You can find the general conditions here.  

Apart from the general conditions there are conditions that apply to you as well as your facilitator. You can find those conditions here. 


Steps you must take when you apply for a startup visa at ECE 

Internationals applying for start-up visa with ECE as facilitator need to match the following requirements: 

  • An innovative startup idea 
  • A match with the Dutch Market 
  • A worked-out business plan 
  • A prototype 
  • Preferredwork with a team 

Fill out the following form for the ECE team to see whether you are eligible for applying for a startup visa with ECE as facilitator. 

After you filled out the form and you meet all the requirements, you might get invited for an interview at ECE in Rotterdam. If we decide to be your facilitator after the interview, you need to take the following steps: 

1. You have to fill in the following form: https://ind.nl/en/Forms/7558.pdf
2. You need to have a pitch deck/ businessplan containing:

  • your role as entrepreneur within the company
  • describe why your product or service is innovative 
  • describe which activities you as a starting entrepreneur will take in the first year to develop your idea into a business (for this you can describe your entry into the Get Started Programme more information of this below) 

3. You need to be registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or have the intention to do this immediately after coming to the Netherlands.
4. You need a facilitator agreement, this is an agreement between the two of us (you will receive this form from us)
5. The Dutch IND wants you to have sufficient funds to sustain yourself in the Netherlands for one year (minimum of 14.000,- E)



If you still have questions after reading all the requirements carefully, you can send an email to info@ece.nl.

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