Startup Programmes

Every entrepreneur is unique and every start-up process is unique. However, there are also a lot of similarities and you are surely not the first one to pursue your dream.

Our startup programmes are based on years of academic and practical experience and consists of a collection of modules covering items such as business models, value propositions, startup financials, teams, sales and marketing that will give you insight in how to start and grow a company. Depending on the development phase of your startup, you can choose to join one (or more) of our startup programmes.

Erasmus Startup Programme

Ready to launch

This is our four week validation programme to empower early-stage startups with big ambitions. Supported by a wide range of tools and insights you will test if your idea is worth pursuing and turn it into a scalable business.

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Erasmus Business Programme

Make it scalable

This is our ten week incubation programme, specially formulated for ambitious entrepreneurs who already have a product and market and want to build a business model to grow their company.

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Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme

Study & Startup

The Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme assist high-potential student entrepreneurs from Erasmus University in combining their studies with establishing and running their businesses.

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Are you an international startup entrepreneur?

Our Startup Visa Facilitator Programme can help you start an innovative company in the Netherlands

Key benefits

What programme fits you?

It’s important to make sure that your product fits the programme, otherwise, the programme will not be able to help you. Are you interested to engage in one of our Startup Programmes but do you need some guidance in choosing the right programme for you? We would be happy to discuss with you the benefits of each programme, the mentors behind the programme, their background and what you can get out of it.

Requesting more information on the startup programmes

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