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Startup programmes

Our startup programmes are based on years of academic and practical experience. They consist of interactive workshops covering diverse topics ranging from business models and value propositions to startup financials, sales and marketing. During the workshops, we employ an Experiential Learning method, which means that we encourage you to learn by doing. Depending on the development phase of your startup, you can choose to join one (or more) of our startup programmes.

Idea2Impact Company (finished)

For the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to turn their idea into a successful impact startup, this programme is perfect to help you with your first steps as an entrepreneur.

Phase: Early-stage Startup
Duration: 5 weekly Thursday afternoon sessions (17:00-19:30)

  • During the programme: you learn about all the different aspects an impact entrepreneur needs. You get to meet successful impact entrepreneurs and expand your  entrepreneurial network.
  • At the end of the programme: you will have acquired the necessary skills to translate your idea into a startup and gained insights into all relevant aspects of building your business.

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IdeaBoosterLab (finished)

For the aspiring and early-stage entrepreneur who wants to learn how to start their business and make better-informed decisions in the process, IdeaBoosterLab is a three-month support programme that enables you to implement a strategy to transform your idea into a real business. The programme is offered by top European universities, recognized worldwide for their expertise in the field and is free of charge as part of a research program funded by the European Commission under a European Research Council grant. It offers cutting-edge business and entrepreneurial knowledge aimed at empowering new businesses.

Phase: Early-Stage Startup
Duration: three months

  • During the programme: you will continue training your entrepreneurial skills, learn how to identify consumer needs and evaluate the potential of your strategy.
  • What’s next?: after the programme you can join other startup programmes offered by Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

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Erasmus Start It Up

For the aspiring entrepreneur with an innovative, scalable startup idea and who wants to move forward, this one-day programme is perfect to help you explore the potential of your idea and identify the next steps.

Phase: Ideation
Duration: 1 day
Next edition: TBA

  • During the day: you will be introduced to the main principles of entrepreneurship.
  • At the end of the day: you will have the necessary tools to validate ‘get out of the building’-style and gain more insight into your idea’s potential to determine the next steps.
  • What’s next?: you will have the opportunity to stay part of our community via the Erasmus Business Membership and you can join the Erasmus Incubation Programme once you are ready to scale.

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Erasmus Business Membership

For the (early-stage) entrepreneur who would like to be a part of a vibrant entrepreneurial community, this ongoing membership programme offers you the perfect structure to continue validation and opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs.

Phase: Early-Stage Startup
Duration: ongoing (monthly subscription)

  • During the membership: you will continue training your entrepreneurial skills, validate your startup idea, discuss your progress with fellow entrepreneurs, and (optionally) have access to a flexible workspace.
  • What’s next?: When you are ready and meet the requirements, you can join the more intensive Erasmus Incubation Programme to scale your startup.

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What can you expect?

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