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Fostering the innovation ecosystem of startups and scaleups

Why you should invest in your startup and scaleup ecosystem

Innovation never takes place in isolation but is rather the result of the social, political, economic and cultural characteristics. The latter defines the ecosystem where startups and (potential) scaleups thrive. Thanks to a proven research approach based on years of experience with research into startups and scaleups, we translate our academic knowledge into practical insights. In this way, we advise a wide range of organisations on how to improve their innovation ecosystem.

A well-functioning innovation ecosystem provides startups and scaleups the necessary access to talent, capital and market, which results in economic impact, as shown in the picture below.


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Local government strategy in times of crisis: strenghten your ecosystem's innovation capacity for a fast recovery

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Insights with an impact

Our methodology to analyse startup and scaleup ecosystems and their innovation components follows three simple steps:

Startup & scaleup monitor

Monitor startups and (potential) scaleups in your innovation ecosystem

Our monitor offers an overview of the local SMEs in a specific ecosystem, with special attention to startups, i.e. young scalable companies, and (potential) scaleups, i.e. high-growth companies. We identify their most important characteristics and summarise them in a personalised report highlighting what makes your innovation ecosystem unique.

Ecosystem scan

Scan your ecosystem’s success factors and access to talent, capital and market

We start with a mapping of the different stakeholders in your innovation ecosystem, in general or specifically to one or more sectors. Then, we perform a quantitative analysis to measure its performance. We focus on the three main factors affecting the growth and development of startups and scaleups: access to talent, capital and (international) market.

Ecosystem analysis

Understand the functioning of your innovation ecosystem and learn from (best) practitces

This thorough analysis builds upon the results of the ecosystem scan. In addition, it offers deep, qualitative insights into the functioning of an innovation ecosystem and how that supports or hinders entrepreneurial activities. We identify opportunities and bottlenecks of a startup and scaleup ecosystem and we complement it with the study of relevant (best) practices.

Examples of our research insights in practice

  • Here is an example of a monitor we conducted for MRDH, specifically for the startups and scaleups within the innovation ecosystem of the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague;
  • We helped ENZuid map out the fast-growing companies in the south of the Netherlands and here you can find the Scaleup Dashboard for ENZuid that emerged from our analysis;
  • Here you can find a selection of our most recent research publications.


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Roeland SluiskesEconomic advisor, Municipality of Zeist

"I use the research insights to make new contacts within the region. This resulted in pleasant and productive company visits, mostly with startups and scaleups I did not know before. I use this research to sharpen our economic policy and link companies/networks."

How we help you make impact

As the leading centre for entrepreneurship in Europe, our mission is foster entrepreneurship, economic growth and innovation. We do this our partners within their organisations and in their startup and scaleup ecosystems. All our research activities and training programmes are designed to integrate these components in a wide range of industries and with a pragmatic approach. Check here for our publications and read below for a selection of our partners:

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