Spotlight on Talented Student Entrepreneur Fabienne Overbeek– founder of Grow a Wish

2 December 2022

‘Sometimes, I have a lot of time for Grow a Wish. Sometimes you have to focus on your studies. It’s all about prioritizing the right thing at the right moment.’’  → This is Fabienne’s experience as an ambitious young female student entrepreneur at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In this spotlight series, we shed light on students’ entrepreneurial journey from our programme! With the support of Rotterdam School of Management and our Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme, we provide ambitious students such as Fabienne professional guidance and coaching in their startup journey and provide study advice to successfully graduate at the same time! In this second story, Fabienne takes us through her inspiring journey as a student entrepreneur.

Is your friend’s birthday coming up soon or are you looking for Christmas cards? How about giving them a growing card from Fabienne’s social enterprise? Grow a Wish partners up with a factory in South Africa that collects paper from schools and local businesses, after which it is processed into pulp, and seeds are added. The designs are imprinted on the growth paper and sold through their webshop and in over 175 stores in the Netherlands! Part of the profits are spent on social initiatives through the Wish Platform.

Are you curious to learn more about Fabienne’s inspiring journey with Grow a Wish? Read more about Fabienne’s Blogpost here.

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