Spotlight on Startup Visa Alumnus – Rubayet Akbar

3 August 2023

”What we want to do as a brand is to make people, customers, stakeholders aware that sustainability and reducing the negative impact is a collective responsibility.” 

Have you ever heard about clothes made of hemp? Voriino is a sustainable-conscious clothing brand that produces T-shirts made of a mix of hemp and organic cotton in Rotterdam. This unique combination or raw materials saves a lot of water during the production process. With warm shirts in the winter and cool shirts in the summer, Vorrino proves that fashion can be convenient for the consumer but also environmentally friendly.

Rubayet Akbar is an alumnus of our Startup Visa Facilitator Programme (2020). As a recognised facilitator we support non-Eu entrepreneurs, like Rubayet, with the visa application process in the Netherlands. Throughout the programme, entrepreneurs get individualised mentoring, a flex space in our office building, and more. Currently, Rubayet and his cofounder Mike Hartman are taking Voriino to the next strategic level. Visit our startup visa webpage for more information about our application process.

Are you curious to know how Rubayet set sail and began his entrepreneurial journey of compassion with Voriino? Watch the interview with Laulinda and Rubayet below.

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