Spotlight on Startup Visa Alumna – Alice Hsiao founder of Vein Studio

17 August 2023

In the traditional jewelry industry, there are issues with mining materials like diamonds and precious gems, which can be harmful to the environment. At Vein Studio we aim to create jewelry that can last and be passed down from one generation to another.” – Alice Hsiao

Are you considering a sustainable overhaul for your jewelry collection? Look no further than Vein Studio! Their repertoire features unique and stylish jewelry, including elegant silver and glass earrings. These eco-conscious pieces promote the concept of circularity. In 2021, the visionary behind Vein Studio, Alice Hsiao, embarked on her journey through our Startup Visa programme and now shares her story in the 8th episode of our Spotlight series.

As a recognised Startup Visa facilitator, we provide support to non-EU entrepreneurs like Alice during their startup visa year in the Netherlands. Our comprehensive programme offers tailored mentoring, flexible office space, and more. For detailed insights into our application process, explore our startup visa webpage.  Alice is currently gearing up to launch a pop-up store in Amsterdam! Curious to discover how Alice successfully established her business in the Netherlands amidst challenges such as COVID-19 ?


Read the blog story with Laulinda Massunda and Alice below! Alice’s Spotlight Story

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