Empowering female entrepreneurship and leadership

SHE LEADS is an initiative that encourages female entrepreneurship and leadership by uncovering the latest research insights around the topic. It also promotes female representation in entrepreneurship education at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This project is supported by the Ondernemende Vrouwen Fonds and Jong Ondernemerschap Fonds of Erasmus Trustfonds.

SHE LEADS Dashboard 2022

The very first edition of the SHE LEADS Dashboard highlights 50 outstanding female entrepreneurs and leaders in the Netherlands who are a force to be reckoned with. These women lead in the fields of Serial Entrepreneurship, Scaling Up, Social Impact, Digital Transformation and Science. Check out a sneak peak below.

The SHE LEADS Dashboard 2022 celebrates the successes of all female entrepreneurs and leaders and hopes to encourage entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow to start today. This is the first of many research publications dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurship and leadership.

Stay tuned for follow-up publications, including quantitative insights and deep dives into the experiences of these exceptional women!

Prof. Vareska van de VrandeAcademic Lead of Erasmus Enterprise | Professor of Collaborative Innovation and Business Venturing at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

"Let SHE LEADS be the platform where the leaders and entrepreneurs of the future can be inspired and find their role models. An environment where you can feel supported. Where women stand strong and support each other."

SHE LEADS is a platform that connects like-minded changemakers through inspiring events such as the this one organised by the Erasmus Enterprise community (Erasmus Centre for EntrepreneurshipERBS – Erasmus Research & Business SupportYES!Delft) and members from the wider ecosystem (Erasmus Trustfonds: Ondernemende Vrouwen Fonds, Jong Ondernemerschap Fonds, Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO)O2LAB Rotterdam & Female Ventures):

SHE LEADS annual event 2021 aftermovie


Our research topics

You can find an overview of our other research topics below. With a team composed of 4 full professors and 35 researchers, we generate insights into the growth and development of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and investigate innovative young and high-growth companies, such as startups and scaleups.

scaleup startup ecosystem research

Startup and scaleup ecosystem

At Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship we monitor the regional development of startups and scaleups. The growth of these companies is affected by the social, political, economic and cultural characteristics of the ecosystem in which they emerge. Therefore, in order to foster entrepreneurial activities, it is important to analyse the innovation ecosystem of startups and scaleups and their growth potential.

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Scaleup scaleup dashboard top 250 justin jansen research

Scaleup research

Under the lead of our Academic Director Prof. dr. Justin Jansen, we research the development of scaleups (or high-growth companies) in the Netherlands and abroad. For instance, which ones are creating the most jobs? In which sectors? And where are they mostly concentrated? On this page, you can find all our open reports on this topic, including our ScaleUp Dashboard and Top 250 Scaleups.

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innovation entrepreneurship research

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation are inextricably interrelated. Therefore, they occupy a central role in our research activities. We zoom in on innovation and entrepreneurial skills, but also financial markets and spinoff/spinout activities. In this way, our research offers a base for the economic and innovation policy of local and national governmental organisations.

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