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Scaleup Research

Our research on fast-growing companies

Scaleups play a crucial role in the Dutch economy; not only do they contribute to new business activities and job creation, but they also introduce innovation on the market. This outstanding performance requires researchers to focus on scaleups and investigate how they can achieve such high growth and impact. With our scaleup research projects, we analyse fast-growing companies to look for their growth formula and how to measure it. In this way, we develop a set of indicators that serve as a basis for impactful policy and as an inspiration for other SMEs with growth ambitions.

Top 250 Scaleups

Top 250 Scaleups is our yearly scaleup research publication investigating the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands in cooperation with nlgroeit. Check out all the editions here.

ScaleUp Dashboard

ScaleUp Dashboard is our annual publication on Dutch scaleups and their ecosystem. How many scaleups are there in the Netherlands? What is their impact on the Dutch economy and on job creation?

Startups & scaleups in your region

We work closely with municipalities, provinces and other (regional) authorities to generate practical insights into scaleups and their growing path. We research the development of scaleups and their relationship with the innovation ecosystem. In this way, we can advise them on how to recreate the conducive environment that allows for local SMEs to be able to scale up, generating innovation and creating new jobs.

European ScaleUp Monitor

The European ScaleUp Monitor 2021 is a report, in collaboration with international partners, that studies the scaleup landscape in Europe. It offers a platform that centraliseEuropean knowledge around opportunities, challenges, best-practices and other salient elements of the process of scaling-up and the emergence of scaleups in various countries as well as regional ecosystems. Starting with this publication, more in-depth reports about specific themes addressed in the monitor will follow in 2022.


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