Rotterdam Unlocked: An initiative driving international entrepreneurial talent to the region

18 January 2019

The Rotterdam Unlocked initiative is opening up opportunities in the region for global innovators to test and scale solutions together with the local business community and government. They bring startups and large businesses together to make deals and solve industry challenges. Driven by the conviction that entrepreneurship is the primary condition for realizing progress, we are proud to be partnering with Rotterdam Unlocked at the first meetup on 18 – 20 February 2019.

Solve Industry Challenges
As part of the economic policy of Rotterdam’s goal to attract innovative companies to the city and in collaboration with innovation specialists, Rotterdam Unlocked will bring startups and large businesses together to make deals and solve industry challenges. As the leading centre for entrepreneurship in Europe, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) is always looking for ways to support- and create opportunities for entrepreneurs. The ECE is therefore happy to support the exciting Rotterdam Unlocked initiative.

Relevant on a Global Level
During a three-day event in February, successful applicants will be invited to work alongside their potential open innovation partner during deal making sessions with the goal of landing a pilot and working towards a fruitful collaboration.

Along with other regional partners that have experience in entrepreneurship, the ECE will support the initiative by offering the knowledge and connections that are needed to scale. In support of the initiative, Barbara Kathmann Vice Mayor responsible for the portfolios of Economy, Communities and Small centers said:
“I want to ensure that the most relevant startups, scaleups and SMEs from the world come to Rotterdam, settle here and become part of our community. That’s why I support Rotterdam Unlocked. This initiative will link the most relevant solutions worldwide to corporate innovation challenges, so that we can test these in pilot projects within Rotterdam. In this way, knowledge and talent from all over the world comes to the Netherlands to work on our issues.”

Get in the Ring
As part of the program, ECE’s partner Get in the Ring returns to the Netherlands for the 6th edition of its Global Startup Pitching Competition. The competition, which is active in over 100 countries, invites founders to pitch against opponents in a ring, compete for exposure, secure deals and get access to €10mln in potential funding. During Rotterdam Unlocked, innovators throughout the region can battle for the title of most promising startup in the Netherlands.

Speaking of their involvement, Global Director of Get in the Ring Jochem Cuppen said:
“We believe in giving innovators from around the world a platform to scale, which is why we’re supporting Rotterdam Unlocked. By taking part in the initiative, founders are given an opportunity to really make an impact and take advantage of what Rotterdam has to offer.”

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