ScaleUp Dashboard 2022

The Dutch landscape for high-growth firms

The ScaleUp Dashboard is one of our annual research publications about scaleups in the NetherlandsIn this report, we analyse the latest developments of the Dutch scaleup ecosystem up to 2021. How many scaleups are there in the Netherlands and in which sectors? Have scaleups been growing and, if so, at what pace? Most importantly, what is their impact on the economy? Download the report to find out. 

To be able to deal with emergent challenges, and to come up with fruitful solutions for the future, we need to start reflecting on what we have now, and what we need in order to be successful in the long run.
– Prof.dr. Justin Jansen

The Dutch scaleup climate

After years of growth, the number of scaleups in the Netherlands is on a continous decline reaching a 4.2% decrease by the end of 2021. 

Approximately 49% of all companies managed to grow while shrinking companies have increase by 11.4% and now account for more tha 45% of Dutch SMEs in 2021.

Top 10 scaleup sectors

Most fast-growing companies are located in wholesale and retail trade (520), consultancy, research, and other specialised business services, (335) and information and communication (315).

Top 10 scaleup municipalities

Amsterdam is the city in the Netherlands with the most scaleups (300), followed by Rotterdam (105) and Utrecht (80).

A scaleup is defined as a company with at least 10 employees that has grown by at least 20 percent per year over a three-year period (OECD, 2007). A company is considered fast-growing when it can be defined as a development-stage business, that is looking to grow in terms of market access, revenues, and number of employees.
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More scaleup research

At Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, our research focuses on innovative firms, such as scaleups or fast-growing companies and startups. We often cooperate with national authorities such as ministries and development agencies (in Dutch: Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij), but also local institutions, such as regions, provinces and municipalities. Together we look at the (local) innovation ecosystem and work on a way to strengthen the scaleup climate and help innovative companies to grow further. Read below for an overview of our research projects. You can find out more about the ScaleUp Dashboard 2021 here and send an email to to request earlier versions.

Learn more about the recent developments of the scaleups in the Netherlands by downloading the ScaleUp Dahboard 2022 report here.

scaleup startup ecosystem research

Startup and scaleup ecosystems

How can you attract more startups in your local ecosystem and how can help existing companies to scale up? Read here why and how you should invest in your ecosystem. 

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Scaleup Ecosystems and The Future of Mobility

What are the building blocks of scaleup ecosystems and how can we ensure that it fosters the growth and prosperity of (Future of Mobility) scaleups? Read more about it in our latest research study initiated by Deloitte.

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Erasmus Scaling Programme

Erasmus Scaling Programme is designed to educate ambitious scaleup-entrepreneurs to excel and sustain steep growth paths over time. The programme kicks off in Q1 2022 and pre-registrations are open!

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Fast growing companies in the Netherlands

Top 250 ScaleUps

Based on our insights from the ScaleUp Dashboard, every year we publish Top 250 Scaleups, our annual report on the 250 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Who’s leading the Dutch scaleup scene this year? Find out by downloading the full report here below. 

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