Acknowledging the vitality for continuous growth, we drive innovation for corporate & entrepreneurial firms through research.

As an initiative of the research institution Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship reflects the university’s long tradition of research on entrepreneurship. With 4 full professors and over 25 researchers focusing on topics such as scale-ups, open innovation and entrepreneurial leadership, we provide practical insights in how entrepreneurship could be embedded better in your organisation to innovate faster.

Applying research to practice

Research domains

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is the leading expertise centre on corporate entrepreneurship in Europe.  Our research is dedicated to provide insightful perspectives and actionable tools in order to achieve maximum results.


Why do some startups develop into scale-ups and others not? Which factors are indicative of successful fast-growing organisations and which barriers of expansion exist? Our team, under the supervision of Prof. Justin Jansen (Academic Director ECE and Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurhsip at Rotterdam School of Management), conducts research regarding the success-indicators of scale-up prosperity.

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Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Discover the success factors of the new business development efforts in which collaboration between corporations and startups play an important role. Vareska van der Vrande, Professor of Collaborative Innovation and Business Venturing guides this research area.

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Strategic Growth

Familiarize with the proficiency of both creating and capturing value by continuously identifying and creating new opportunities for growth. The strategic growth domain is leaded by Tom Mom, professor of Strategic Growth and Implementation (RSM).

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Our team


The Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship team combines academic excellence with practical experience. We work with some of the leading researchers in their field who are able to translate the latest academic advances into tangible insights. Just as important, all our team members have extensive experience in working with and facilitating both large and small groups.

Prof.dr. Justin Jansen

Academic Director

Prof.dr. Roy Thurik

Academic Director Vareska van de Vrande

Professor Collaborative Innovation & Business Venturing

Prof. dr. Tom Mom

Professor Strategic Growth & Implementation
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