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On this page, you can find an overview of our research projects. With a team composed of 4 full professors and 35 researchers, we generate insights into the growth and development of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Above all, we investigate innovative young and high-growth companies, such as startups and scaleups. Every year, we summarise the main results of our research activities in our open publications, including ScaleUp Dashboard, European ScaleUp Monitor and Top 250 Scaleups. In addition, based on our research, we advise local and national public authorities, companies and other organisations on how to promote entrepreneurship. For instance, topics include innovation, entrepreneurial ecosystems, economic growth and job creation.

Mark RutteActing Prime Minister of the Netherlands at the Techleap Summit 2021

"Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship has done some interesting research. It shows that investment in innovation underpins economic recovery and that is because of the very things that agile and enterprising startups and scaleups are so good at: improving business models, creating new products, transforming markets and so on."

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Our research topics

Here below, you can find a selection of our fields of study. After that, you can read about the approach of our analyses.

scaleup startup ecosystem research

Startup and scaleup ecosystem

At Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship we monitor the regional development of startups and scaleups. The growth of these companies is affected by the social, political, economic and cultural characteristics of the ecosystem in which they emerge. Therefore, in order to foster entrepreneurial activities, it is important to analyse the innovation ecosystem of startups and scaleups and their growth potential.

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Scaleup scaleup dashboard top 250 justin jansen research

Scaleup research

Under the lead of our Academic Director Prof. dr. Justin Jansen, we research the development of scaleups (or high-growth companies) in the Netherlands and abroad. For instance, which ones are creating the most jobs? In which sectors? And where are they mostly concentrated? On this page, you can find all our open reports on this topic, including our ScaleUp Dashboard and Top 250 Scaleups.

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innovation entrepreneurship research

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation are inextricably interrelated. Therefore, they occupy a central role in our research activities. We zoom in on innovation and entrepreneurial skills, but also financial markets and spinoff/spinout activities. In this way, our research offers a base for the economic and innovation policy of local and national governmental organisations.

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About our research

Academic knowledge with a practical approach

We are the leading entrepreneurship centre in Europe. As part of Erasmus University Rotterdam, we work with top-level academics and researchers to deliver results of the highest quality. Our team, composed of 4 full professors and 35 researchers, conducts international academic research on entrepreneurship and business activities, which has strong implications on the economic vitality of a region. Similarly, our research approach is concrete and pragmatic, guiding policy officers and other ecosystem’s actors with practical recommendations. Moreover, we train those professionals on how to manage growth and foster innovation within a public or private organisation.

Our research at Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship mainly focuses on startups (young companies with an innovative and scalable business model) and scaleups (yearly growing at 20% or more). We do this because these companies have a significant impact on job creation and innovation in the ecosystem in which they are located. Most importantly, our research insights offer practical solutions on how to recreate the conducive conditions for these companies to grow. In this way, it contributes to the economic development of the region.

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