Rentomato – Ups and Downs, only then it’s real

13 May 2015

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Every startup claims to have a great story when it comes to the way it started. And so does Rentomato, who now have an office at the ECE Campus. Sit down, lean back and enjoy their journey leading to a new business adventure in the housing market.

Imagine the scene. Dominik Vacikar (22) and Razvan Isac (23), founders of Rentomato, sitting in one of those pubs in Prague, Czech Republic, where smoking inside is still allowed and where the average age is 65. Depressing, especially if you add the fact that these two young guys left their jobs at a promising Rocket-Internet backed startup not even 48 hours earlier. What happened?

Before ending up in Czech Republic, their home country, the two Erasmus University students had exchanged Rotterdam for Berlin to work for a startup housing platform. However, the excitement the guys initially felt about this new adventure quickly disappeared when they found out about a new company strategy which they did not agree upon. “Naturally, it is stressful to move to a different country ready for a new challenge, and then find out that you do not like the way things are going.  Everyone kept telling us what an amazing learning experience we had been going through. But, honestly, I always wanted to smash something really hard when they told me that. Now, however, I am thankful for it, as it taught me a lot about business and human nature”, Dominik explains. It clearly didn’t stop the two guys from going on and seeking new entrepreneurial challenges. “Back in Czech Republic we were just searching for pubs and cafes with wifi, so we could start working on something new. We just felt this urge of getting back in the game”.

And back in the game they got. By the time they left their former company, Dominik and Razvan had gained quite some experience within the rental market. Feeling the need to improve the entire rental process, they were certain to start a new company which focuses on simplifying the matter for both tenants and landlords. The rental market had been sleeping for a while; many tenants pay rent late -not because they don’t have the money but simply because they forget-, and most of the landlords find it difficult to manage multiple tenants and properties which makes the rental process slow and inconvenient for both sides. And last but not least, due to the internet, this process could be simplified to a tremendous extent.

rentomato officesign

Taking this into account, Rentomato aims to change how landlords all around the world manage their properties and thereby disrupt the rental market with simple-to-use tools that will empower the users as well. By using a dashboard, landlords can manage multiple tenants and properties, keep track of payments and take charge of their real estate portfolio. In addition, they don’t have to worry about late payers, because Rentomato makes sure that landlords receive all their payments on the same day and don’t have to deal with late payers themselves. Tenants, on the other hand, can pay, hand in documents and file complaints via the platform, and have a clear overview regarding contract renewals and changes in the rent price. Both Dominik and Razvan are confident about Rentomato’s services. According to Razvan: “It’s only a matter of time before we will step into most of the areas related to rentals. And we are confident that with our track-record, we are able to change the game.” Rentomato is now also backed by one of the most successful VCs in the CEE region, which gives the company a great kick start.

Rentomato is currently hiring. So, if you would like to take part in this great adventure and disrupt the rental market, you can find more information here.



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