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Programme Archive

New Business Cycle – 2019 edition

A hands-on, 10-week programme for SME entrepreneurs that want to innovate and grow. Get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and experienced innovators.

Capacity: 20 ECE Campus

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE)

UPDATE: ECE’s role as intermediary organization for this programme has ended by 31-12-2017. For more info and to find another...

Capacity: 100

How To Get There Summit

The How To Get There Summit on 17 November, 2016, aims to stimulate the collaboration between corporations, startups and innovation hubs in the Netherlands.

Capacity: 1500

Learn the secrets of focus, productivity and a perfect work-life balance

“We believe in inspiring freedom in you so that you can follow your passions and become the best you can be.”...

Capacity: ECE Campus

Day@theCampus June 2016: Masterclass Acquisition

— Note: This masterclass is in Dutch — — Update: Startup Sales Brainstorm voorafgaand aan de masterclass — Voorafgaand aan...

Capacity: 100 ECE Campus

Day@theCampus May 2016: Port & Logistics

On the 10th of May 2016 the Day@theCampus is all about collaborations between startups and corporates in the Port &...

Capacity: 100 ECE Campus

Get in the Ring Speeddating – Port & Logistics

The Get in the Ring Speeddating sessions are held on the 10th of May, with corporates related to the Port &...

Capacity: 100 ECE Campus

Day@theCampus Februay 2015: Circular Economy

Day@theCampus is a community event where all the ECE Community members are gathering and exchanging ideas and expertise.

Capacity: 100 ECE Campus

Entrepreneurial trip to Colombia

We have arranged a special 4-day entrepreneurial trip to Medellin, Colombia from 13-17 March 2016. We offer a special program that combines fun...

Capacity: 40

The Rotterdam 100

In a rapidly changing world, Rotterdam needs bright minds to develop innovative ideas for a future-proof economy. The Rotterdam 100...

Capacity: 100 ECE Campus

Rockstart Answers Rotterdam

By entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs. Rockstart Answers Rotterdam helps local startups move forward in a fun, hands-on way.  Our free, invite-only events...

Capacity: 50 ECE Campus

Essentials of Entrepreneurship

1-day practical masterclass about entrepreneurship for a broad group of employees. Create more entrepreneurial staff that is better able to...

Capacity: 20-40 ECE Campus

GITR CleanTech Rotterdam

GITR CleanTech Rotterdam On the 29th of April 2015 ECE will host the GITR CleanTech Rotterdam together with the Rotterdam...

Capacity: 150 ECE Campus

Business Modelling Workshop

Learn more about your current business model and ways to innovate it in this 2-hour workshop.

Capacity: 40 ECE Campus

Collegereeks 33 – Marketing

Marketing success depends on many factors,  but the basis is frequently the same: information. The saying ‘meten is weten’ – to...

Capacity: 80 Erasmus University Rotterdam – Bayle (J) Building

Collegereeks 34 – Financing

Keeping the engine running without fuel is impossible. The scenario does threaten to happen for many entrepreneurs: standing along side...

Capacity: 80

Permanent Beta: Evernote

Bridging brains, tech and culture; that is what Permanent Beta stands for. We bring people together to share knowledge about science, technology and art. We believe in sharing.

Capacity: 30 ECE Campus

DARE seminar

It is with great pleasure that we invitate you to the DARE seminar on Types and Roles of Entrepreneurship. Various types of entrepreneurs and which roles they play in our economy and society will be discussed.

Capacity: 30 ECE Campus

Cleantech Challenge

Have a great cleantech idea? Are you business-savvy and want to be part of a brand new startup? Get inspired and meet potential business partners. Join us at our networking event on December 10! For students only.

Capacity: 100 ECE Campus

Philips Innovation Award

The PHIA will host a seminar for all young, ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs. Do you want to be inspired by our guest speakers? Join in, and win a Philips Wake Up Light at the seminar!

Capacity: 60 ECE Campus

Erasmus Seminar – National University Libraries

Seminar to enable a better support in making and securing agreements for researchers concerning research data. Interests of both, researchers...

Capacity: 250 ECE Campus

Symbid Pitch Event

An up-tempo pitch-event where entrepreneurs get the possibility to have a short and powerful pitch and present theirselves to you...

Capacity: 70-250 ECE Campus

Startup Grind

Startup Grind Rotterdam presents Yuri van Geest. Passionate professional, author and serial entrepreneur on exponential emerging technologies.

Capacity: 200 ECE Campus

Get in the Ring – International Finals

Out of 2000 startups from 64 countries, 8 startups have been selected to pitch in the international final of Get in the Ring for a crowd of over 1000 entrepreneurs, investors and students.

Capacity: 1200 Van Nelle Fabriek

Nationaal Trainee Event

A social entrepreneurship event to inspire and give young talent the opportunity to create combined network of trainees within public...

Capacity: 150 ECE Campus

Trainingsreeks: Personal Leadership

A 6-week training with the objective of giving entrepreneurs the personal leadership skills that enable them to get full potential out of themselves and the teams or employees they lead.

Capacity: 10 PSV – Philips Stadion Eindhoven

Collegereeks 32 – Expansion

The opening of a new branch or office is often celebrated by the  hanging of streamers, the snip of a...

Capacity: 200 ECE Campus

Collegereeks 31 – Business models

The rules of the game in today’s market are changing almost constantly, which means your company has to be flexible...

Capacity: 200 ECE Campus

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