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Collegereeks 34 – Financing

Capacity: 80 Starting: 18 December 2014 16:00 - 19:00

Keeping the engine running without fuel is impossible. The scenario does threaten to happen for many entrepreneurs: standing along side the road because you ran out of gas. Several causes contribute to this bleak picture. The supply of credit is fairly standard, while the question, according to the Dutch business community, is very diverse. Entrepreneurs are tripping over funding, partly because the possibilities seem limited. The banks traditionally play a big role, but the relationship of trust between the bank and entrepreneur has been eroded. Money for development of existing or new projects in many cases are hardly available. If the solution lies more in venture capital and a stronger focus on growth financing, is to be heard in this college.


Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen




Collegereeks 33 – Marketing

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