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Najim el Bouchtaoui

Founder of Talentsbook, Winner of ING Jumpstart Competition 2014

Joining the Get Started Programme

Two years ago we started working on Talentsbook to simplify the job application and recruitment procedure. After winning the ING Jumpstart competition organised by ECE we gladly took the opportunity to join the ECE Get Started Programme.

The coaches and the group of innovative entrepreneurs taught us an immense amount.

The group of entrepreneurs were happy to share knowledge and the secrets to their success, and to help one another.

We have tried to put all the advice and knowledge that the group and teachers had shared with us into practice, such as meeting tight deadlines instead of pushing them back. Moreover, using the LEAN strategic principle, we have established a clear business model canvas.

Hard work pays off: The results

Our network grew rapidly and consisted of motivated people, which in turn motivated us. We were able to move things along faster which has enabled us to launch our mobile app in April instead of in September 2015. In the meantime, we didn’t go by unnoticed by the investors of the ECE campus. We are currently in negotiation with a few investors.

Our team has now expanded to 8 employees and the fact that we continue to grow motivates us each and every day to continue doing the things we do so well. Everything is moving so fast and the guidance we got from the ECE Get Started Programme was just what we needed.

We consider the ECE Get Started Programme and the campus to be just like the ‘Silicon Valley of Rotterdam’.