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Keith Wallace

Partner De Investeerdersclub

Keith is a Scotsman with a passion for Europe. After graduation he started his first consulting company and ended up in the heyday the DotCom. When the Internet bubble burst , he moved to New York with a new mission: to help fellow-entrepreneurs avoid the “burn-rate” trap he himself had fallen victim to. Together with friends, Keith started investing and soon became a part of one of the Netherlands largest networks of informal investors, leading him to found De Investeerdersclub – “Hollands most informal investors club”, together with Martijn Blom and Gert van Veldhuisen.

Keith has extensive experience is setting up companies, bootstrapping, coaching, and pre-seed capital and financing.

Get Started Programme

Get Started is a 12-week startup programme that helps ambitious entrepreneurs grow their early stage business through mentoring, workshops and a great network of fellow entrepreneurs.

Capacity: 60 ECE Campus