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Prof.dr. Justin Jansen

ECE, Academic Director

Justin Jansen is Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship at Rotterdam School of Management.

He is intrigued by the notion that most organizations tend to focus on existing businesses and clients, and are not able to break away from existing routines and processes in order to explore into new territories. To what extent are existing firms able to facilitate the emergence of entrepreneurship within their organization and – even more difficult – balance this desire of innovation and change with a continued focus on operational excellence? Professor Jansen’s research provides new insights into the roles of leadership, the organizational design as well as the development of novel capabilities as to improve long-term viability and performance.


New Business Cycle – 2019 edition

A hands-on, 10-week programme for SME entrepreneurs that want to innovate and grow. Get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and experienced innovators.

Capacity: 20 ECE Campus

Global Meetup Get in the Ring

A 3-day ‘retreat’ style meetup full of intensive innovation driver workshops, international matchmaking, co-creation and startup collaboration. ECE will bring...

The Essentials of Corporate Entrepreneurship

For more information about this event you can check out our programme page or have a look on the Module...

Capacity: 15 ECE Campus

Prof.dr. Roy Thurik

Academic Director

Prof.dr. Eric Claassen

CEO Vironovative & Prof. Entrepreneurship