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Joost de Bont & Mighael Vroom

Founders of Zest, A dynamic duo

Get Started: Hands-on knowledge within reach

Apart from working on the 11th floor of the Rotterdam Science Tower – with the best view imaginable, there are big advantages to joining the Get Started programme.

The workplace is filled with a bunch of experienced and motivated entrepreneurs, which is a vital ingredient in catalyzing the development of your business idea. Hands-on knowledge and fruitful insights are always within easy reach, often not even a door away. Plus you can get your questions answered within ten minutes, instead of losing yourself on the world wide web.

Diversity at the ECE Campus

The strong business focus and the wide variety of people with other backgrounds are a refreshing addition to our own engineering backgrounds from Delft University of Technology. This diversity helped us find the right balance between customer and product development.

However, this knowledge alone is not enough. The coaches of the Get Started programme will remind you to get out of the building and start moving fast. They help you live up to your full potential.