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Jędrzej Krzemiński

Founder of Amethyst Health

“Thanks to Get Started, I learned how to listen to my customers.”


Amethyst Health wants to create a chatbot, which could more effectively help patients make sense of their health data. The reason I joined the Get Started Programme was to test and validate my start-up idea. I had discovered a serious problem worth solving. There were even people willing to pay for a solution. However, when I created a prototype and put it in front of potential customers, they were unconvinced. Happily, one of the most valuable elements of Get Started are the people you meet during the programme. I received a lot of help from the coaches and the other participants. With their guidance and with customer feedback, I was able to pivot my idea and make a product people actually wanted.

I enjoyed how we were constantly encouraged to get out of the building and test our ideas with prospective customers. I would visit four hospitals per week and conduct Wizard of Oz experiments. I was chased out by hospital security quite often. But as the entrepreneur Steve Blank says, “unless you’re being escorted out of a hospital, you’re not testing your digital health idea hard enough”.

Thanks to Get Started, I learned how to listen to my customers. In a short period of time I was able to interview and run experiments with a group of almost 20,000 end-users. Many of whom have signed up to become my first paying customers and are now also helping with the development of the product.

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