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Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers

ECE, Programme Director

Ferdinand Jaspers is programme director at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. His teaching and consultancy activities focus on innovation leadership. Based on his expertise at the intersection of strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, he teaches courses and provides masterclasses, workshops and boot camps on corporate entrepreneurship, innovation excellence, and entrepreneurial culture. With a rigorous academic perspective, Ferdinand draws upon and helps you move beyond approaches such as lean start-up, design thinking, business modelling, and effectuation. Together with experts from DSM and ING, Ferdinand founded the ECE Innovation Leadership executive programme. He holds a PhD from RSM.


Business Modelling Workshop

Learn more about your current business model and ways to innovate it in this 2-hour workshop.

Capacity: 40 ECE Campus

RSM MBA Startup Bootcamp 2015

The Bootcamp is an intensive, full-day workshop for teams of RSM MBA candidates to develop their initial startup ideas into...

Capacity: 50 ECE Campus

Essentials of Entrepreneurship

1-day practical masterclass about entrepreneurship for a broad group of employees. Create more entrepreneurial staff that is better able to...

Capacity: 20-40 ECE Campus

European Business Plan of the Year Competition

The European Business Plan of the Year Competition is a startup business plan competition of top European business schools. The...

Capacity: Team of 2-4

New Business Cycle – 2019 edition

A hands-on, 10-week programme for SME entrepreneurs that want to innovate and grow. Get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and experienced innovators.

Capacity: 20 ECE Campus

Collegereeks 31 – Business models

The rules of the game in today’s market are changing almost constantly, which means your company has to be flexible...

Capacity: 200 ECE Campus

Innovation Driver workshop

Get ready to drive innovation Following up the successful first Innovation Driver Workshop on 16th November 2017 with 60+ participants,...

Capacity: 50 ECE Campus

The Essentials of Corporate Entrepreneurship

For more information about this event you can check out our programme page or have a look on the Module...

Capacity: 15 ECE Campus

Rotterdam Capital Days: Workshop Business Model Viability

This September 18-22, the Rotterdam Capital Days are welcoming startups, scale-ups and investors to a 5-day experience of incredibility. In...

Capacity: 60 ECE Campus

Webinar: Innovation leadership during economic downturn

Precautions taken as a result to combat corona has led to an immense impact on business in the Netherlands. Previous crises have taught us...

Webinar: How to create new business opportunities during the coronavirus downturn: insights & inspiration

Innovation professionals will often recognize themselves in entrepreneurs, who are able to create opportunities in times of ambiguity and uncertainty....

Capacity: 30

Webinar: Innovation Portfolio management in times of disruption

Precautions taken as a result to combat corona has led to an immense impact on business in the Netherlands. Previous crises have taught us...

Capacity: 30

Webinar: Managing innovation talent & teams in challenging times

Precautions taken to combat corona have led to an immense impact on business. Also innovators and innovation teams are heavily affected, ranging...

Capacity: 30

Webinar: Best practices to develop and sustain an entrepreneurial culture

During these days of global unrest the corona virus shows to be a serious challenge to our way of life....