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Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers

ECE, Programme Director

Ferdinand Jaspers is Programme Director at Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. At ECE his responsibilities include the ECE Get Started programme – an intense ten-week incubator programme to empower startup entrepreneurs and to help their startups to the next level.

Based on his expertise at the intersection of strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, he teaches courses and provides masterclasses, workshops and bootcamps on corporate entrepreneurship, new business development, and entrepreneurial start-up and growth (BSc, MSc, MBA, Executive Education).

With a rigorous academic perspective, he draws upon and helps you move beyond approaches such as discovery-driven planning and disruptive innovation, customer development & lean startup, business modeling, effectuation, and open innovation.

Ferdinand holds a Ph.D. in technology and innovation management from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the Netherlands.

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Collegereeks 31 – Business models

The rules of the game in today’s market are changing almost constantly, which means your company has to be flexible...

Capacity: 200 ECE Campus

Business Modelling Workshop

Learn more about your current business model and ways to innovate it in this 2-hour workshop.

Capacity: 40 ECE Campus

RSM MBA Startup Bootcamp 2015

The Bootcamp is an intensive, full-day workshop for teams of RSM MBA candidates to develop their initial startup ideas into...

Capacity: 50 ECE Campus

Essentials of Entrepreneurship

1-day practical masterclass about entrepreneurship for a broad group of employees. Create more entrepreneurial staff that is better able to...

Capacity: 20-40 ECE Campus

European Business Plan of the Year Competition

The European Business Plan of the Year Competition is a startup business plan competition of top European business schools. The...

Capacity: Team of 2-4 Erasmus University Rotterdam – Bayle (J) Building

Innovation Driver Workshop

Get ready to drive innovation During the Innovation Driver Workshop dr. Ferdinand Jaspers, Programme Director of ECE and adjunct professor...

Capacity: 60 ECE Campus

Innovation Driver workshop

Get ready to drive innovation Following up the successful first Innovation Driver Workshop on 16th November 2017 with 60+ participants,...

Capacity: 50 ECE Campus

Innovation Driver Conference & Graduation 2018

You are kindly invited to attend the Innovation Driver Conference and Graduation of the 2017/2018 participants of the Innovation Driver...

Capacity: 60 ECE Campus

Get Started Programme

Get Started is a 12-week startup programme that helps ambitious entrepreneurs grow their early stage business through mentoring, workshops and a great network of fellow entrepreneurs.

Capacity: 60 ECE Campus

Global Meetup Get in the Ring

A 3-day ‘retreat’ style meetup full of intensive innovation driver workshops, international matchmaking, co-creation and startup collaboration. ECE will bring...


The Essentials of Corporate Entrepreneurship

For more information about this event you can check out our programme page or have a look on the Module...

Capacity: 15 ECE Campus

New Business Cycle – 2019 edition

A hands-on, 10-week programme for SME entrepreneurs that want to innovate and grow. Get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and experienced innovators.

Capacity: 20 ECE Campus

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