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Fabian Dudek

Founder of Nestpick, $1 million investment by Rockstart

“New ways of thinking about building a company”


The Erasmus Startup Programme helped me learn new ways of thinking about building a company. You don’t just wake up and build a business, there is always inspiration and learning from others involved. The Startup Programme sucked me into entrepreneurship and gave me lots of inspiration and ideas.

It also introduced me to the importance of scalability- giving me a new way of thinking about the world and about companies.

Before the programme I never really paid much attention to this. I think that is also why no other company is like Nestpick with as many opportunities of growing so fast. None of the other competitors really focus on scalability, which means you can charge less for better services.

Tips for future participants

You only have 24 hours a day, a certain amount of energy, and you have to find a way to spend it. The Startup Programme is a set of resources that you can choose to use, or choose not to use. You have an idea, want to found a company and think ‘the programme will show me how to’. Some people take so much out of it but others might not. To get the most out of it you need to have the right attitude, pro-activity and curiosity and a drive in yourself to do something that really matters.

There is no university-course you can do to build a company, you need to find your own approach. So my advice is to come with the right attitude and find out how the Startup Programme resources can help you take your idea further.