afbeelding spreker

Sander Peltenburg and George Brandenburg

Founders of Burgs Foods

“The Get Started Programme gives you the chance to turn your idea into reality – Just go for it.”


Sander and George make delicious and healthy cricket based food products with their company Burgs Foods.

The Get Started Programme helped us to get an entrepreneurial mindset and let us take the first steps in the creation of our business. Before Get Started, we had our own food truck and had no idea whether people would actually wanted to eat our cricket burger. We made a switch to the food service industry and catering business. During the programme we came to the conclusion that we were dependent on one supplier, so we made an effort and succeeded in finding more.

Meeting the coaches and partners of Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship was the most valuable for us. Our first customer, Bas van Eck, was a partner of them. Also, to connect with fellow entrepreneurs in the programme was something we really enjoyed and learned a lot from. The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Campus is a very inspirational place, because of this we continued into the Business Membership Programme after Get Started ended. We kept on working in the Science Tower, surrounded by people with the same passion and ambitions. This really helped us in connecting with the right people and building a network. 

Before Get Started, we were just testing our concept a bit. During the programme we actually created our own business and started working on it fulltime. We proved that we had a great concept and as a result of that we changed our mindset. With the help of the coaches we decided to start an Ltd. Even though we don’t work in the Science Tower anymore now, we still have great contact with the people from the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and are happy to have them in our network. 

Do you also want to jumpstart your company? You can still apply for our Get Business Programme. This programme is for people who already have their product and market but want to build a business model and grow their company.