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Arjan Rensma

Sustainable Innovation Driver

“What makes the programme unique is that it is not only made by academics, but there is also a great deal of involvement between the coaches and the participants – We make this programme together!”

I am a practitioner/coach in the Leading Innovation Excellence Programme because I love to share and love to learn from the participants. In my opinion, teaching is the best way to learn! The programme helps participants personally in their career and their companies in becoming more innovative. What makes this programme unique, is it’s specific aim on innovation enablers. All the other programs I know of, including MBA’s / MBI’s are aimed at innovators / nbd-ers. Joining the Leading Innovation Excellence Programming will make you stand out from the innovation crowd as a true innovation professional, rather than a “hobby-ist”. You will be joining a group of professionals that believe that innovation can become much more successful if approached in a structured way.

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