afbeelding spreker

Aman Jindal

Founder of DeNoize

“If you think of your idea as a seed, then the Erasmus Startup Programme would be the pot in which it will first sprout”

For me, the Startup Programme was about validating my assumptions. I discovered that the Build Measure Learn technique is a quick way of measuring assumptions in a short time scale. You can customise your assumptions on a daily or weekly basis and really keep yourself on track of what you’re learning and what you want to validate. 

In the second part of the programme, teams are matched with mentors based on the needs of the team and the expertise of the mentors. This was the most valuable part of the Startup Programme for me because you get direct advice from people that have years of experience in fields that are new to you and it helps build a network. That is why the people I met during this programme were the most valuable to me. 

Through the Startup Programme, I have achieved a couple of things. First, I managed to validate certain assumptions that I had in the real estate market, which is the main market of my company. Second, I discovered that there is another market that is relevant for my technology. Through the programme, I now also validated assumptions in another market with the outcome that I now have more than one market to focus on.