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Our Erasmus alumni community is expanding

27 February 2020

We are very happy to welcome more and more alumni of the Erasmus University at our entrepreneurial campus and to host events for (new) members of our community and partners in our network. A short update about some exciting developments around our campus is provided below:

Welcoming Erasmus alumni

Last month we added some new members to our community. One of them are Kasper Kupperman and Jacob Hietink, founders of the Green Branch who combine technology with nature to make the most efficient use of land. Also Jasper Bringsken joined our community with his company, Connect op Maat. Connect op Maat supports startups, SMEs and non-profit organisations on digital media. On top of that, Wesley dos Santos who participated in our Erasmus Startup Programme, joined the community with his company iKapitein, that makes it possible to enjoy the waters of Rotterdam and at the same time collecting plastic waste.

We are honoured that more and more Erasmus alumni choose a permanent work place on our campus. In the upcoming few months we will focus on further expanding the EUR alumni community at our campus.

Another year full of inspiring events

At the moment there are already more than 300 entrepreneurial events planned at our campus.

We kicked off 2020 with Elske Doets and more than 60 young ladies that have come together for inspiring masterclasses, including a masterclass by alumni of the Young Lady Business Academy Beth Massa and Fennet van de Wetering. The Young Lady Business Academy encourages ambitious women (in the age of 15-24) to develop entrepreneurial leadership. We’re proud to be a partner in offering this programme at our campus. Another great event where we participated in was the Pitch Battle of Jong Ondernemen. Our programme manager Jip Dresia was honoured to be part of the jury panel. It was great to see so many young, talented and above all entrepreneurial students participating with their creative ideas.

With our entrepreneurial association ECE Students, we empower Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam students to take entrepreneurial action and contribute to the startup ecosystem of Rotterdam. We already hosted two Innovation Challenges in which we challenged young creatives to tackle an important global issue by working on a real-life case. The challenges were organised in collaboration with Danerolles and Stichting Verpakking en Milieu and both offered a perfect opportunity to connect entrepreneurial students with companies in the search for young and creative talent.

We are looking forward to partner up and host more entrepreneurial events in the upcoming months. For instance, the LSH010 Breakfast on the 12th of March about Virtual Reality in Healthcare, the sixth edition of Euronext TechShare Programme and many more.

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