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Best practices to develop an entrepreneurial culture

Posted on 22 June 2020

During these days of global unrest, the coronavirus shows to be a serious challenge to our way of life. Although...

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High-potential student entrepreneurs combine study & business at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Posted on 18 June 2020

Entrepreneurship among students is on the rise and more and more ambitious student entrepreneurs are discovering that successfully combining their...

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Knowledge-intensive startups in the Netherlands

Posted on 11 June 2020

The national innovation ecosystem in the Netherlands embeds dynamic and evolving entrepreneurial activities. This ecosystem, defined by the interplay between...

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SavFood; turning potato peels into breadcrumbs

Posted on 20 May 2020

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is a recognized RVO* startup facilitator for international innovative startup entrepreneurs. We provide these entrepreneurs with support and mentorship to develop their...

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How the Top 250 scale-ups cope with the corona crisis

Posted on 14 May 2020

Known for our open culture and strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, the Netherlands scores as one of Europe’s top scale-up nations. However, the measures taken to restrict the spreading of the coronavirus in the Netherlands have led to a drop in sales…

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