Nestpick wins LOEY awards

29 October 2014

Nestpick, an active member in the ECE Community, wins the 2014 LOEY Starters Award for Marketing and Media. The LOEY Awards are independent awards for the best entrepreneurs in the Dutch online industry. The aim of the LOEY Awards are to stimulate growth, innovation and inspiration within the online industry in the Netherlands.

The LOEY Awards were initiated by venture capitalists Van den Ende & Deitmers (formerly Endeit) and Peak Capital in 2010. Since then, they’ve been awarded annually to some of the most successful Dutch startups, including Studentenwerk, Layar, Scoupy, Coolblue and Springest.

The LOEY Awards are presented to businesses that have been working within their respective industries for at least four years and have generated €2.5 million in revenue. The LOEY Starters Awards are designed for up-and-coming entrepreneurs who have been running their businesses for at least half a year and up to three years.

Fabian Dudek, the Founder of Nestpick, explains that participating in this event and winning the LOEY Starters Award was particularly important for a couple reasons. First, while at the event ceremony, Fabian had the opportunity to meet and network with many successful and well-known entrepreneurs. The combination of this prestigious award ceremony and the presence of high-profile entrepreneurs attracted a lot of media attention that was subsequently directed at Nestpick. Both Fabian and Nestpick received a lot of a great deal of publicity while at the ceremony.

Secondly, winning this award provided Fabian with more motivation to continue the direction of Nestpick and served to validate what he has already done. In recent months, Nestpick has grown rapidly in terms of team size and the geographical market in which they operate. Fabian found the recognition and validation to be highly motivational for both him and his team.


Nestpick is an online housing platform that specializes in providing students and young professionals with unique and diverse accommodation.  Whether it is an apartment, studio or a private room, Nestpick connects landlords and real estate companies with students looking for a place, creating unique study experiences at any price point. With a powerful verification system and a convenient and user-friendly rental process, Nestpick has simplified the way students locate accommodation throughout the Netherlands.

Startup & Growth 

Fabian is a former participant in ECE Get Started. In fact, he was the winner of the Get Started programme in 2013. The Get Started programme provides entrepreneurs with insights as to what it takes to launch and grow a great company. The programme is based on years of academic research and practical experience. Together with  a coach, entrepreneurs set up a personal 10-week development plan. This development plan helps participants to focus, achieve their weekly goals, and speed up the growth of their company.

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