MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship in Top 10 most popular studies among employers

30 September 2020

We are proud to see that our MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship is among the Top 10 studies in terms of their popularity amongst employers.  

A study of shows that mostly economic and strategic studies are popular amongst employers at the momentThe last twelve months, they looked into which of their users got approached the most by employers for an internship, starters job or traineeship 

With fifteen studies in the Top 50, the Erasmus University Rotterdam has the most rankings of all universities in the NetherlandsThe highest ranked study of the Erasmus University Rotterdam is the MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship of Rotterdam School of Management on number 10, followed by the master Strategic Management on number 17.  

The need and success of the MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management lies in the development of entrepreneurial competences of the students. These entrepreneurial competencies are not focused on the sole purpose of starting a business, but about understanding the entrepreneurial mind-set and process and being able to apply this in multiple contexts. The students are prepared for taking on challenges that require entrepreneurial approaches and ambidextrous thinking which align with the vision of an organisation. 

If considering the popularity of universities in general, the Erasmus University is also in the Top 3! This means that our students, together with students of Nyenrode Business Universiteit and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam got approached the most by employers on 

Vincent Karremens, founder of and alumni of the Erasmus University Rotterdamstates that it is important for students to look at – next to your passion and your talents – the popularity of potential studies before making a decision 

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