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As the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, we are well-connected to the startup ecosystem in the Netherlands. Please find below the Startup Infrastructure Diagram of the Netherlands and elaboration on some of our partners. Please feel free to ask for specific connections and we will do our best to facilitate them!

PDF version (clickable logos): Startup Infrastructure Diagram NL

Expertise – Industry Development

NEN (Dutch Norms Organization)

NEN is a professional non-profit business organization. The profit margin is therefore minimal. Parties interested in the standardization procedure bear part of the costs of the standard development process. NEN supports the standardization process in The Netherlands and manages over 31.000 standards. Those are the international (ISO, IEC), European (EN) and national (NEN) standards accepted in The Netherlands. In total over 800 standards committees are active, with in total over 5.000 standard committee members. Properly managing the extensive standards collection and coordinating the national, European and international standards committees, requires a high-quality infrastructure.

Capital – Alternative Finance


Symbid started in 2011 as one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms in the world. Their mission: We want to empower entrepreneurship by providing everyone who dares to be different with access to the required funding. So far they have funded over 130 businesses via equity crowdfunding.

In total for over €13 mln. Based on years of experience, everyday we help startups and growing businesses with the funding they need, so they can realize their entrepreneurial dream. Symbid operates as a tied agent of Ilfa Tools & Services BV. Ilfa has a licence as an investment firm. This way Symbid is 1 of the 5 crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands which operates based on an AFM licence, while most other platform operate based on an exemption.

Maas & Kleiberg (M&K)

This organization has substantial subsidy advice experience, combined with a technical and business background. M&K – The Subsidy Community was established in Rotterdam. Our mission is to help innovative technology companies get the most out of the subsidies they get. We now have subsidy specialists in different countries ready to support our clients with their subsidy applications. The Subsidy Community specializes in subsidy acquisition relating to four themes: Technology & Innovation, Energy & Sustainability, International Business and Personnel.

Support – Legal & Tax

Meijburg & Co – Tax & Legal

Meet the Meijburg & Co Start-up team. Meijburg & Co is a company with a rich history. Since its incorporation in 1939 it has continued to be a leading tax and legal advisory firm in the Netherlands. We might be old, but we are not old-fashioned. Our start-up team is a mixture of enthusiastic and experienced new generation advisors. We keep up with new ideas and technologies and actively support the Rotterdam start- and scale-up community. We tell it as it is and always keep it simple and smart. We enjoy to support you from getting ready for take off to going big. This can be done in various forms and can be altered to match your specific needs. We are part of the international KPMG family which means we are able to provide support for almost everything in almost every country. Meijburg & Co has already helped numerous start- and scale-ups in different phases but also angel investors and VCs. We are happy to share these stories with you, just drop us an e-mail or reach out by phone.

Support – Branding & Marketing 

De Hollandsche Meesters 

The Hollandsche Meesters is an energetic communication agency that helps people and organisations to achieve their goals in the on- and offline world. Their personal approach is based on entrepreneurship, flexibility and creating meaning, following the pillars of storytelling, visualization and interaction.

Startup Visa Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Netherlands! The coming year, you will work on validating and growing your startup. As your facilitator, we provide the following services:

  • Participation in our startup programmes (Erasmus Startup & Erasmus Business)
  • Monthly coaching sessions (1hr) with us
  • Facilitation of connections within our network

At the end of your startup visa, as your facilitator, we have to sign a declaration for the Dutch government and immigration authority IND stating whether we believe your visa should be extended (by another two years). This decision is made based on your general progress: are you on the right track? Did you launch your product/service? Did you get some traction? Therefore, we expect from you:

  • Active planning of the coaching sessions & updating us on your achievements and general progress
  • Registration within 6 weeks after your arrival with the Chamber of Commerce (according to the declaration you signed in the application process)

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