Meet The Get Started Entrepreneurs Part 11: Nocto

9 March 2017
Founder& CEO of Nocto International B.V., David Franzén, Get Started Alumnus ’16

2017 was the year of FOMO: the Fear Of Missing Out, and in this case, to miss out on the night of your life. David figured out a way to control this FOMO by knowing exactly what is going on around him to make sure he is at the right place at the right time. Nocto now aims to become the dominant European nightlife platform by January 2019. What was the key to his successes so far and what are his plans for the future?

About Nocto

Nocto is a B2B2C that enhances experiences for both people and businesses worldwide to help them seize the night. Nocto’s free mobile app shows a clear overview of location-based events, and real-time pictures & videos (Insights) from within those events, so that you can get a feel for the music, the atmosphere and the attendance. When you share your experiences to help others find their party, you are rewarded with Nocto’s in-app currency (Nocs) that you can then spend to buy drinks, entrances, queue skips & more at any of their client venues.

For the venues (bars, clubs & hotels), Nocto offers a data-driven marketing & CRM platform that enables venues to better understand & connect with their audience. The platform offers ways to analyze audience demographics, behaviors and desires, as well as innovative ways to improve relationships with the audience, to reward loyal guests and to attract a larger crowd. Nocto is also training local Nightlife Consultants that will coach the venues into efficiently using the platform. The app’s Deal system is also faster than the traditional purchase method of cash or card, improving the “bar bottleneck” and enhancing experiences for both the venues and the guests. 

The NOCTORIOUS members are: David Franzén (Founder & CEO), Mark Brouwers (Head of Sales & Marketing), Menno van der Spek (Head of Finance & Administration), Saurabh Yadav (Head of Technical Development), Luuk Weber (Digital Marketing Manager), Johan Franzén (Advisory Board) and Sonja Feenstra-Bruins (Advisory Board).

How Does It Work?

Sharing your experiences is easily done in the Nocto app – when you are within 100m of a venue, you can tap on the Nocto logo in order to check-in and to upload your own Insights. This guarantees that the app only shows relevant and representative Insights. For every 10 Hoots (likes) you get on your Insights, you collect 1 Noc, which means you are rewarded for the quality of the experiences you share, not for the quantity. At any of our client venues (has a verified check-mark next to their name in the app), the Nocs you have earnt can be spent on anything the venues offer, including drinks, entrances, queue skips, snacks, backstage/VIP access, meet & greets and many more nightlife perks! Another beauty of Nocto is that you see Insights posted by anyone within a 10km radius, not just from those you follow, meaning the community as a whole is collaborating to help everyone seize the night! 

The venue platform boasts 4 impressive features: Insights (understand what your audience shares with the world – what they like and what they don’t), Events (efficiently promote your events directly to your target demographic), Deals (offer perks in exchange for Nocs to improve customer relationships, attract a larger audience, to reward your loyal customers etc.), and finally Statistics (displays who, when, where, why and how people come, or don’t come to your venue). The value of data coupled with the efficiency of the Nocto products and the advise of the Nightlife Consultants make Nocto an essential tool for any venue in Europe to offer unique experiences and be a leader of the entertainment industry.

Overall, Nocto creates a WIN-WIN-WIN through its efficient and collaborative nightlife ecosystem. The people upload Insights via the app, which offers valuable analytics to the venues, which can reward their guests for the value of their promotion, making everyone seize the night.

How Did It Start?

During his International Business Administration degree at the Rotterdam School of Management, David followed the minor in Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in September 2015. The objective of the minor was to solve a problem, and David and his team immediately moved on optimizing nightlife. When the minor ended, David continued working on what was at the time called Check, and he joined the Get Started program. Here, the building blocks were assembled where he started building the team, the product and the vision of Nocto.

Current Position

Nocto is now fully focused on establishing themselves in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Leeuwarden/Groningen by signing up venues there. They believe the most efficient way to grow the user-base is via close connections with the verified venues and using their established network to get a lot of downloads and users. Nocto is also setting up collaborations with local ESN (Erasmus Student Network) chapters, collaborating with local influencers and establishing ties with the local governments and tourist information agencies. Having just passed 4000+ downloads, and approaching their 15th Verified Venue, they are also building propositions to the likes of Accor, Marriott and Hilton for the hotel industry, UBER for urban transportation, Heineken and Bavaria for beer, and Eventbrite, Red Bull, AirfranceKLM and Diageo to name a few potential partners.

Future & Growth

With ambitions to conquer European nightlife by January 2019, and then the rest of the world thereafter, the future will first depend on their ability to establish themselves in the Netherlands, and then the scalability of their products & services. Since the functionalities of the apps and the platform work anywhere in the world for any venue, the scalability of the product is not under question, but more the scalability of the services – finding the right people locally to become Nightlife Consultants and handle the communication with the local venues and users. For this, Nocto is already working on a kit and a step-by-step guide of how to add a city to the Nocto territory and how to conquer it.

They also believe hospitality & tourism to be a big industry that can play a vital role in the growth of Nocto. On the user side, tourists are the perfect demographics to have an even bigger need for the Nocto app than locals. As a tourist, you are both unaware of all the local options and styles, as well as having limited time in the foreign city. It is the perfect traveler app when it comes to nightlife for people aged 18-30. On the business side, hotels are very interesting for many reasons. They usually have their own bar (which in most cases are not doing very well as a bar), they deal with tourists who are anxious to discover the local scene, they understand the importance of relationship building, branding and reputation, they have an internal infrastructure allowing efficient integration of Nocto, and they are usually part of a multinational company providing the opportunity to sign up multiple venues in multiple countries from just a few decision makers.

What Nocto Is Looking For

Nocto is always on the lookout for ambitious and proactive entrepreneurs – to join the HQ team in Rotterdam, to represent a city or a region as a local Nightlife Consultant, or in any way other relevant way. If you are well-connected in your local nightlife & hospitality scene and are looking for a sales & consultancy opportunity to work with and consult the best bars, clubs and hotels in your area, contact Nocto via

Nocto is also looking for Advisory Board members that have experience and networks in any of the following areas: Data Analytics & Big Data, Customer Relationship Management, Saas platforms, nightlife & entertainment, hospitality & tourism, IP law & contract law, and cryptocurrency.

Finally, Nocto is looking to raise capital to invest into marketing, product development and into a solid legal framework that will allow Nocto to become a global force over the coming few years.

If you, or someone you know fits any of the descriptions above, please get in touch with David and his team by sending an email to or via their facebook page on

If you would like to support Nocto, please visit their Thunderclap campaign and click Support Via Facebook. Their campaign has already passed a social reach of 500,000+! By supporting Nocto’s thunderclap, you will automatically share their website ( on your Facebook wall once, at 18:00 CET on Thursday March 22nd. Thank you!




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