Meet the Get Started entrepreneurs: Burgs Foods

26 January 2018

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Burgs Foods believes that edible insects are perfect alternative sources of protein since they are full of nutritional values and the production create much less impact to the environment than production of meat. Read below the journey of Sander and George, founders of Burgs Foods, and see how GetStarted has helped them to tap into the opportunity to create a sustainable food future.


Burgs Foods

Burgs Foods was founded by Sander Peltenburg and George Brandenburg, and their aim is to process edible insects into food products which Europeans are familiar with, such as hamburgers and meatloaf. The company has developed their first product, the Cricket Burger, and has already been successfully distributing them through several direct sales channels.


Why Cricket?

Insect production is much less harmful to the environment compared to traditional livestock farming. Sander: “…Per 1 kg of meat, we can save 1,500 litres of water and 200 sqm of land, and these insects only produce 1% of methane compared to cow…”

“…Crickets have a better nutritional values than other insects like buffalo worms for example. And people does not perceive cricket as scary compared to others. Many people will be scared away if we say the product is made of worms…”


Why did you join the Get Started programme?

Sander: “…Mainly for the coaching and support, it’s always nice to have people with experience to help you with guidelines and directions…The coaches were very helpful” He also added: “Also, you get to meet a lot of ambitious people, and that makes you become more motivated. Better than if you do it on your own.”  


“Get Started ticked all the boxes”

“…It met every aspects of my expectation, and I really like the fact that I could work in an office on ECE campus and to meet motivated people…”

“…We also joined the [ECE Business Membership] programme after Get Started where you get the desk to work on, specific coaching sessions and accountability sessions with fellow starting entrepreneurs once each month…”

“…It’s also a good name and all in all, it helps you to Get Started.”


ECE: That’s great to hear! Now what’s the next step of Burgs Foods?

Sander: “We are looking to expand our team …and George just won the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards Netherlands so we are going to the finals in Toronto. We also participate in the Climate KIC Accelerator program… we are also developing new machines to make production more efficient…”


For more information about Burgs Foods, visit their website here


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