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Aspiring MedTech & HealthTech startup entrepreneurs from all over Europe who want to discover the business potential of their ideas and take it to the next level with the help of dedicated mentors and experts.

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The next MedTech & HealthTech Startup Programme starts in March 2020.

Price & location

The costs are €1.500, – including VAT per participant, for the duration of the programme at the entrepreneurship campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Students can receive a special scholarship discount.

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All you need to know in 1 PDF. Download the brochure and take a look at our programme.

Grow your MedTech & HealthTech startup

The MedTech & HealthTech Startup Programme is a unique four-month startup programme, created by Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and Life Science Business, and with a focus on MedTech and HealthTech. Practicing professionals will guide you through key topics such as business modelling, prototyping, regulatory requirements, setting up a clinical trial, finance, IP matters and more.

The programme allows aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe to discover the business potential of their MedTech & HealthTech ideas and accelerate go to market and investment opportunities. Participants will explore and validate their ideas, market potential and business model – with the aim of launching internationally. The programme aims to contribute to both the success of your startup and your personal entrepreneurial skills.

MedTech & HealthTech Startup Programme at a glance

The MedTech & HealthTech Startup Programme consists of three consecutive modules, which makes up for a four-month programme in total.The final three sessions allow you to speed date with expert coaches. Our network of coaches comprises of startup founders, investors, business leaders, brand and legal specialists and others that can advise you on the various aspects of creating a working business model.

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Part 1: Validation

During the first four weeks there will be weekly sessions on Friday. The sessions are filled with workshops focusing on validating with the aim of finding your perfect product-market fit. What is the problem you are addressing? Who is your customer? What are their pains?

After this module you:

  • Developed an understanding of the underlying principles of entrepreneurship;
  • defined your customer, explored their problems and revised your idea based on your findings;
  • tested the market viability of your idea and mapped the customer journey of your target audience.

Part 2: Understanding

The second part of the programme consists of three days of workshops, provided by experts in the MedTech & HealthTech sectors. You can choose which workshop you want to join to customize this module for your own startup development.

Tentative topics covered by the workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Negotiation techniques, collaboration contract and legal conflict & mediation process.
  • Workshop 2: Business-plan or organization policy, business strategy & differentiation and valorization 3.0.
  • Workshop 3: Non-profit & profit culture, purchasing processes in the care & cure sector and commercialization or sales.
  • Workshop 4: Innovation process and ethical innovation in business.

Part 3: Establishing

The third module is made up of both workshop days and biweekly coaching sessions, adding up to a total of ten weeks. During this programme, you will learn how to validate different parts of your business model and gain one-on-one feedback from practicing professionals in different fields.

After this module you:

  • Defined a mission & vision for your startup;
  • built a go to market strategy that outlines not only the steps necessary to succeed in your market now, but to grow to other markets later as well;
  • discover the right business model for your business;
  • explored the possibilities for partnerships or new team members.

Apply for the next programme

Do you have an promising and innovative business idea? And do you want to discover the business potential of your idea to take it to the next level? Than you came to the right place! You can apply by filling in the form below. After the deadline, we will make a first selection based on this application. Those startups that we believe have the right fit will be invited for an interview. After this interview, the final selection will be made.

What we offer you

Our startup programmes are based on years of academic and practical experience and consists of a collection of modules covering items such as business models, value propositions, startup financials, pitching, sales and marketing, that will give you insight in how to start and grow a company. We provide you with the tools, skills and network to make sure that your actions are both effective and efficient.


Several workshops on business modelling, lean startup methodology, customer development and more.

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Active coaching from our network of investors, experienced entrepreneurs and experts.

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Inspiring workplace

Make use of flex workspaces and meeting rooms at the ECE Campus, home to more than 100 innovative companies

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Our support doesn’t stop when you finish the programme. We invite you to remain part of our community and keep access to our network of partners and coaches.

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