Programmes: ECE Campus

Collegereeks 31 – Business models

The rules of the game in today’s market are changing almost constantly, which means your company has to be flexible...

Capacity: 200 ECE Campus

Collegereeks 32 – Expansion

The opening of a new branch or office is often celebrated by the  hanging of streamers, the snip of a...

Capacity: 200 ECE Campus

Lean Startup Experience (LSXP) Rotterdam

Experience the Lean Startup Method firsthand! Join entrepreneurs, students and professionals to generate new ideas and test them with experienced coaches!

Capacity: 100 ECE Campus

New Business Cycle – Health Innovation Challenge 2016 edition

A hands-on, 10-week programme for SME entrepreneurs that want to innovate and grow. Get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and experienced innovators.

Capacity: 8 ECE Campus

Rotterdam100 edition 2016-2017

Are you an ambitious student or young professional? We are proud partner of the Rotterdam 100, the extracurricular program for...

Capacity: 100 Multiple Locations

Launch 9th floor ECE Campus: Life Sciences & Health

[IN DUTCH] Wist u dat in Rotterdam meer dan 150 Life Sciences & Health bedrijven gevestigd zijn? Wist u dat...

Capacity: 300 ECE Campus

Innovation Driver Workshop

Get ready to drive innovation During the Innovation Driver Workshop dr. Ferdinand Jaspers, Programme Director of ECE and adjunct professor...

Capacity: 60 ECE Campus

Chameleon Event Omnigen

Connecting academia, medicine, entrepreneurs, life science and education. Networking event for PhDs, Postdocs and Life Sciences & Health (LS&H) businesses.

ECE Campus

Innovation Driver workshop

Get ready to drive innovation Following up the successful first Innovation Driver Workshop on 16th November 2017 with 60+ participants,...

Capacity: 50 ECE Campus

Innovation Driver Conference & Graduation 2018

You are kindly invited to attend the Innovation Driver Conference and Graduation of the 2017/2018 participants of the Innovation Driver...

Capacity: 60 ECE Campus

The Essentials of Corporate Entrepreneurship

For more information about this event you can check out our programme page or have a look on the Module...

Capacity: 15 ECE Campus

Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning 2018

On November 14th the Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning takes place. The Festival offers entrepreneurship educators, program developers and teachers the opportunity to gain...

ECE Campus

Startup Weekend Pitch Finale on November 25th

For the third time, the Refugees Forward Startup Weekend will be held and for the first time, this will take place at ECE in Rotterdam! For 3 days, each entrepreneur will count on an intercultural team of...

ECE Campus

The Essentials of Entrepreneurship (for public organisations)

For more information about this event you can check out our programme page or have a look on the Module...

Capacity: 15 ECE Campus

Life Sciences & Health 010 Innovation Breakfast

On the 28th of March, Life Sciences & Health 010 / Municipality of Rotterdam is hosting it’s Life Sciences &...

ECE Campus

EUR Careerweek

On Tuesday the 7th of May, it’s time for Erasmus University Rotterdam: ‘There’s more to explore’. For the first time,...

ECE Campus


On the 28th of May, V4 will be hosted at the ECE Campus! V4 is an alliance of four countries...

ECE Campus

LSH010 Innovation Breakfast

On the 20th of June, the LSH010 Innovation Breakfast will take place at our campus again! This innovative breakfast stimulates...

ECE Campus

The Future of (no) Waste

On the 25th of June, Clean Tech Delta is hosting its inspiring event at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. This...

ECE Campus

Young Lady Business Academy

Are you a woman between the age of 15 and 24 years? Then this event is for you! During the...

ECE Campus

Workshop Stakeholder Value Mapping

MOSS Consultants & Capital, in collaboration with the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, is offering a free workshop for ECE members...

ECE Campus


On the 20th and 21st of September 2019, Euronext’s pre-IPO training programme is happening Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship! TechShare is...

Capacity: 210 ECE Campus

Familyshare Business Course

Educatieprogramma voor een toekomstbestendig familiebedrijf Een familiebedrijf staat voor verschillende uitdagingen die samenhangen met zowel de ontwikkeling en financiering van...

Capacity: 10 ECE Campus