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Masterclasses: How to turn your impactful idea into a successful startup  

Idea2Impact Company is an exciting five-day programme that provides you with the tools that every successful entrepreneur needs who is looking to make an impact. We give you the tools to translate your idea into a successful startup and also train you to maximise the social or ecological impact of your startup.

During this programme you get the unique chance to expand your network with ambitious (aspiring) entrepreneurs. Not only will you meet like-minded persons, the programma also offers guest lectures from successful entrepreneurs in which you will learn from their stories and experiences. The lessons aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs take the last step to realising a long-lasting impact.

As Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, we are very excited to launch this programme together with de Haagse Hogeschool and ImpactCity in order to inspire and motivate (aspiring) student entrepreneurs. Through interactive sessions, we aim to motivate the participants to strive for change and to provide them with the knowledge and skills to become successful impact entrepreneurs.

Do you have an impactful idea that you would like to put into practise, but have no idea how to start a successful startup? Then sign up for this masterclass

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Learning objectives

During this programme, you will: 

  • Get insight into the personality traits of a successful impact entrepreneur;
  • Learn how to make impact with your ideas;
  • Gain skills in how to translate your ideas into a successful startup; 
  • Get the tools to maximise your social/ecological impact;
  • Determine the next steps to establish the identity of your brand.

About ImpactCity

The Hague is quickly becoming the city for entrepreneurs who want to build a better world. As ImpactCity, The Hague offers a wide range of opportunities and services to entrepreneurs and other impact makers with innovative solutions. Economic success should go hand in hand with solutions for a better world: they call this ‘doing good & doing business’. They encourage this in all kinds of ways, by for example, organizing events and masterclasses, introducing startups to investors, opening our network and by providing a great infrastructure.

Who can apply

Find out if this programme is interesting for you

Are you a student in the region Haaglanden or did you recently graduate? Are you looking to make impact? Are you interested in translating your innovative ideas into an actual startup?

…then Idea2Impact Company is the perfect way to find how you can make impact!

Karin: a model participant

Karin is someone who wants to change the world for the better. She believes she has come up with an idea that would make an impact. Karin wants to make this idea reality, but she has difficulties in determining where to begin and how to do it. Her friends see her as an ambitious women who does not give up on her dreams and is always striving for more. Karin does not have a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and could use some guidance.

Karin, who is always eager to learn more and wants to meet like-minded people, can join Idea2Impact Company to learn how to create a successful startup from her impactful idea. The knowledge she gains from this programme can be immediately applied to the translation of her idea into a startup.

You can apply individually, but if you have a co-founder make sure that you both apply to the programme!

Course information

Find out more about the content of the programme


The programme consists of five interactive masterclasses in which different aspects of impact entrepreneurship will be covered.


  • Day 1. The impact entrepreneur: personality and effectuation
  • Day 2. Entrepreneurial principles and customer discovery: how do you build your entrepreneurial idea in line with the lean startup method to a business model with impact?
  • Day 3. Business modelling: how do you go from an impactful product to a working business model and how do you build a team and establish parternerships to achieve this?
  • Day 4. Mission model and impact improvement: which social values are adressed in your business model?
  • Day 5. Storytelling and selling

The sessions will be provided in English.


You do not need to prepare anything for this programme, as long as you bring with you a good dose of enthusiasm! There will be a period of 2 weeks between the masterclasses so you process all the information and potentially apply it to your new business. Please note that you are in principle expected to join all sessions. If you are unable to join due to COVID or other reasons, we ask you to inform the project team as soon a possible on


To apply for the programme please fill in the application form here. As part of the application, we ask you to send us a 1-minute video in which you briefly introduce yourself and your impactful idea. Please tell us how your idea is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals and why you would like to join the programme. What do you hope to get out of the programme? Where do you see yourself and/or your startup in three years? Applications can be submitted until Monday 21 March 23:59.

After you submit the application form, we will reach out to you one week after the application deadline for an introductory call.

Teaching Method

Read more about our learning approach

This programme is structured in such a way that it does not only provide the participants with theoretical knowledge and insights about entrepreneurship and innovation, but it also equips them to put the skills learned during the programme into practice right away. This is achieved through our teaching method: Experiential Learning. This method assumes that learning is a continuous process of experiences that are transferred into knowledge. The method consists of the following four phases:








Using this method enables participants to reflect on their learning experiences and allows them to develop abstract concepts. Simultaneously, this method encourages them to initiate experiments to test the concepts that they developed. This learning method is different from more traditional learning methods in multiple ways:

  • Through experiential learning participants are expected to take responsibility for managing their own learning trajectory.
  • The learning process takes place in a larger sense than merely the physical space of the classroom. Participants receive the tools in class, which can be used directly within the organisation.
  • We believe that knowledge creation should take place along different paths; not just between participants and facilitator but through peer consultation as well. As such, participants are encouraged to actively partake in the programme, as it directly influences their learning experience.


See which academics and practitioners facilitate this programme

1-2 experienced facilitators from Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Haagse Hogeschool will provide the sessions.

Robin Driessen

Project Coordinator Education

Jip Dresia

Programme Manager Education

Ronald Visser

Program Director at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Each session we invite an inspiring impact entrepreneur to share his or her story.

Sjoerd Trompetter

Founder Naifcare

Stefan Baecke

Founder Yespers

Sjoerd Hauptmeijer

Co-founder The Young Digitals

Ian Smeyers

Founder Nelis company

Niels van den Bosch

International Sales & business executive

Dates and fees

Read more about the upcoming masterclasses

The programme consists of five masterclasses

  • Thursday 31 March from 17:00 till 19:30
  • Thursday 14 April from 17:00 till 19:30
  • Thursday 28 April from 17:00 till 19:30
  • Thursday 12 May 16:00 till 19:30
  • Wednesday 25 May from 17:00 till 19:30

Participation in this programme is free.

If you are accepted to the programme, we expect you to attend all of the sessions.

The programme will be given at Apollo 14, the inspiring impact startup location in The Hague. The adress is Saturnusstraat 14, The Hague.


Read the frequently asked questions

Why should I join the programme?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with an impactful idea for a startup, but do not have much knowledge on entrepreneurship and could use some guidance: ImpactCity is the programme that will take your idea to the next level. In collaboration with De Haagse Hogeschool we provide a programme in the inspiring impact startup location in The Hague. You will get the chance to meet fellow aspiring impact entrepreneurs and the unique opportunity to get in touch with entrepreneurs who have already established an impactful startup. We’re not going to decide whether or not you should pursue your startup, but we are going to provide you with knowledge of the entrepreneurship process and useful skills on how to confront your own ideas in an entrepreneurial way.

How much time will I need to spend on this programme?

The programme itself consists of five masterclasses that will last for two hours and there will be two weeks in between the masterclasses. In these two weeks you will have to chance to implement the acquired knowledge into your startup.

What kind of people can join ImpactCity?

We are looking for ambitious and motivated people who want to make an impact. The programme is for students in the region Haaglanden and for students who have recently graduated in this region. Your study background does not matter, entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. What they have in common is a passion about the idea they want to develop further and, perhaps most importantly, a drive to take action and make it happen.

What does the application process of ImpactCity look like?

As we want our participants to be highly motivated and already have an impactful idea, all application have to fill in an application form in which they need to elaborate on their impactful idea and the reason why they want to participate in the programme. Based on the answers in the application form, participants will get an invite for an intake call in which we determine whether or not the participants will be a good fit for the programme.