Train the Trainer

Embedding entrepreneurial behaviour in education programs

Using the knowledge of the Erasmus University, ECE provides educators with the mindset and tools to train entrepreneurship themselves. Entrepreneurship education for ECE is more than generating ideas and developing profitable business models and fast-growing startups. For ECE, education is about developing entrepreneurial behaviour. Our insights on entrepreneurship are used to provide today’s citizens with the mindset and tools to identify and solve tomorrow’s problems

ECE provides the Train the Trainer program also in different countries. In those countries ECE contributes on strengthening local ecosystems by transferring our knowledge on entrepreneurship to motivated educators, from all disciplines. The Train the Trainer program helps educators to educate (non-business) courses on a more entrepreneurial way and develop the entrepreneurial skills of their students.


Miller and Acs (2017) argue that a modern research university has the potential to support entrepreneurship in all its facets and has a crucial role as designer of the ecosystem. ECE endorses this in multiple ways; with the development of the ECE Campus, by bringing companies and students together, teaching entrepreneurship courses and adding to non-business courses in encouraging entrepreneurial behaviour.

Entrepreneurship has always been a crucial part of the DNA of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Founded 100 years ago by entrepreneurs, the EUR now has the best master in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship research worldwide.

Academic background

We believe entrepreneurship is one part of the larger business system. Therefore, entrepreneurship cannot be studied, learned and taught in isolation. With our 4 full professors and over 30 researchers, we bring all aspects of the business system together.


ECE is the largest academic entrepreneurship centre in Europe. We train people in entrepreneurship by the notion that teachers have to create a safe learning environment, in which students feel comfortable to share ideas and get out of the building to validate and adapt their idea based on their learnings.

Experiential learning

By taking ambition as a starting point and let students actually experience how the entrepreneurial process works instead of studying how it should work, entrepreneurial behavior is better learned. During the process students will constantly receive feedback to further develop their skills.


Entrepreneurship can be defined as testing hypotheses and validating ideas in the market. By teaching entrepreneurship, we teach people a process of conducting research in practice. This is based upon the build-measure-learn sequence. In this loop, the incremental, iterative process, plans are built, validated and tested in the market after which new data is generated. Based upon the analysis of this new data, further steps are designed and new ideas and hypothesis are built. Repeating this loop results in the development of entrepreneurial behaviour.

In the Train the Trainer programme, much attention is paid to the development of a deep awareness of problems and analytical and synthesizing skills. It is about the development, evaluation and validation of possible solutions.


We have been part of the education development and / or provided the Train the Trainer program at these educational institutions.



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