Erasmus Growth Programmes

For SME entrepreneurs with growth ambitions

Our growth programmes are based on years of academic research and practical experience while working with top fast-growing companies in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Thanks to our multiple research projects, e.g. Top 250 Scaleups, ScaleUp Dashboard and European ScaleUp Monitor, we uncover the DNA of fast-growing companies. We use these success factors to train entrepreneurs with upscaling ambition during our growth programmes.

The programmes

Are you ready to kickstart your growth? Our programmes consist of interactive online and offline workshops covering diverse topics ranging from internal and external innovation, growth platforms, leadership, financials and much more. During all our workshops, we employ an experiential learning method, which means that we encourage participants to learn by doing while working on real-life cases. If you’re still starting your business, check our startup programmes.

Het Groeicollege (in Dutch)

Are you an SMEs entrepreneurs with growth ambitions? This programme might then be perfect for you! Throughout this training, we’ll guide you through the discovery of your growth opportunities. Thanks to the expertise of our speakers and coaches, you will be able to make your business into a healthy and durable fast-growing company. It’s not only about becoming bigger, but also, and especially, smarter, more agile and sustainable! 

Duration: 8 months
Next edition: Starts 14th of October

  • During the programme: you will be introduced to relevant topics to enable you to grow your business. In a mix of lectures and seminars you will work on a personal growth plan for your business.
  • At the end of the programme: you will have the necessary tools to grow your business and have a personal growth plan for your business.
  • For who?: for SME entrepreneurs with growth ambitions

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Erasmus Scaling Programme

Erasmus Scaling Programme is designed to educate ambitious scaleup-entrepreneurs to excel and sustain steep growth paths over time. The programme consists of a dynamic mix of practical and technical masterclasses, real-life business cases and workshops designed to address company-specific challenges and plan for improvement.

Programme kicks off in Q1 2022

Pre-registration is open

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Frugal innovation (in Dutch)

Frugal innovation (in Dutch ”slim innoveren”) is an innovation technique that focuses on simple, smart and economic solutions for your companies. More is not always better! Thanks to frugal innovation you will be to deliver more value to your customers in an easy and affordable way. Who said that innovation had to be complicated and expensive?

Duration: 1,5 months
Next edition: June 2021

  • During the programme: you will work on a real case or challenge your company is facing. How can you develop new products/business models in a smart and concrete way?
  • At the end of the programme: you interiorise the principles of frugal innovation to grow further within your own company.
  • For who: SME entrepreneurs (max. 50 employees) in horticulture sector

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Prof. dr. Justin Jansen & Prof. dr. Tom Mom

"Successful companies are continously discovering and developing new growth paths. In this way, they innovate their company and make it smarter and more sustainable. In a nutshell, they are building a healthy fast-growing company"

Are you still starting up your business?

Read more about our startup programmes for ambitious entrepreneurs who wants to grow their startup and transform it into a successful and sustainable business.

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Do you want to know more about scaleups?

Take a look at our scaleup research page to learn more about scaleups and the Dutch scaleup ecosystem.

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