Brainstorming and prototyping during the starters programme

17 October 2017

Last Monday, 16th of October, 60 (aspiring) entrepreneurs of YES!Delft and ECE joined the second session at the ECE Campus. The workshop focused on prototyping and ideation, here, the participants were stimulated to brainstorm and shed light on each other’s ideas.

During the first session, on Monday 9th of October, the entrepreneurs of YES!Delft and ECE followed a workshop hosted by Ferdinand Jaspers about “empathizing with your customer.” The teams were introduced to the Lean Startup principle and started working with different tools to visualize their customer. YES!Delft and ECE participants mixed up and shared interesting insights with each other. After lunch break, the group continued working on the customer journey.

At the end of the first session, alumnus Berry Kriesels, founder of Omnigen, told about his experience with the Get Started programme and about how his company has developed since then.

The second session introduced the lean startup methodology and essence of the minimum viable product and prototyping. As prototypes often have a very different understanding for YES!Delft and ECE participants, the main purpose of the session is to explain the idea is that you do not need much to create something (start with your means!) to test your most crucial assumptions. The entrepreneurs had to build a prototype, using limited resources (nothing more than handcraft materials and everything at hand), based on the insights gathered during the problem interviews. During a marketplace, feedback was given on each other’s prototype.

At the end of the second session, Roel van der Kamp, founder of Invi and located at the ECE Campus, shared his experience as an entrepreneur. Roel himself, is alumnus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and has participated in the starters programme at YES!Delft. His business partner participated in the Get Started programme of ECE, which created a mixed Rotterdam-Delft team.

For the first time, YES!Delft and ECE joined forces with their startup programmes to create a bridge between business and technology focused startups. The unique collaboration between YES!Delft and ECE will provide advantages for the high-tech startups to start their venture in a business-minded environment and vice versa. Read more about this new collaboration here.

Do you want to be one of the aspiring entrepreneurs next year? Apply now for the class of 2018!

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