Facts and figures about female entrepreneurship in the Netherlands | SHE LEADS Dashboard 2022

8 March 2022

We celebrate this International Women’s Day by sharing a snapshot of female entrepreneurship in the Netherlands as a follow-up publication on the SHE LEADS Dashboard 2022. Based on a deep dive into Dealroom’s database, we uncovered the following insights about female entrepreneurship in the Netherlands:

  • Around 15% of Dutch headquartered companies are founded by women but only 8% of total funding for Dutch headquartered firms goes to these firms with at least 1 female founder
    • This representation is worse than the overall picture in Europe (where approximately 17% of European headquartered companies are founded by women)
  • Female-founded firms average at 6 years old
    • This is, on average, 1.2 years younger compared to non-female-founded firms and demonstrates promising signs of growth in female entrepreneurship
  • Top investors in female entrepreneurship are not only large public funds, such as Innovatiefonds NH or European Innovation Council, but private VCs such as SHIFT Invest also play a key role
  • Funding is concentrated in Amsterdam (€727M), while Rotterdam comes second with only a fraction of the amount of funding (€29M) recorded for its female-founded startups
  • Early-stage growth champions in the landscape of female entrepreneurship are Spectral, Octo, Panda International, The Fabricant and 30MHz
  • Female entrepreneurship reaches across a diverse variety of sectors where female-founded companies dominate in health, education & media. However, representation still lags behind in fintech and enterprise software when compared to non-female-founded companies
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