Innovation Excellence Scan

Assess the level of innovation excellence of your organisation.

Gain insight into your organisation’s level of innovation excellence

Innovation has proven to be a crucial activity for both start-ups and larger organisations to perform in order to ensure future growth and to meet everchanging consumer demands. However, the ease of implementing innovative practices differs significantly between smaller and larger organisations.

Corporations face difficulties in implementing innovative practices as they have to redevelop their culture, processes and values in order to facilitate the growth of an innovation culture. To help organisations understand their ‘roadmap for innovation’, we’ve developed the Innovation Excellence Scan. The Innovation Excellence Scan is an organisation-wide assessment which assesses the organisation’s level of innovation excellence.

The scan help decision makers to understand what parts of the organisation are currently underdeveloped for supporting innovation, what needs to be done to alleviate this and what steps need to be taken in the future to ensure that the innovation culture gets embedded in the organisation?

The Innovation Excellence Scan is based on our proven innovation framework, which has helped organisation such as DSM, ING, Eneco and more to assess their level of innovation excellence.

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The Innovation Framework

The Innovation Excellence Scan is a comprehensive assessment which evaluates how ambidextrous and entrepreneurial your organisation is by giving you actionable insights into the organisation’s current innovation competence. The scan is based on both the latest academic knowledge combined with best practices from industry leaders such as DSM, Eneco and more. These insights allowed us to create our innovation framework, consisting of eight essential domains which affect the level of innovation excellence:

Examples of elements that are being assessed:

  • The design and performance of current internal innovation / incubation / acceleration programmes
  • The interrelation between current growth and innovation projects and how they are aligned with the organisation’s overall strategy and vision
  • How do teams perform and apply entrepreneurial tools and techniques
  • How people and resources are allocated across various growth and innovation projects and how those projects are monitored


Hover over the element dots on the right to learn more about each element.


The Innovation Excellence Scan is tailored to the specific needs of the organisations and acts as the foundation of the research design. Depending on the design of the research, data collection will happen through a variety of methods such as in-depth interviews, review of internal documents or a combination of both. After all the data has been collected and analysed, the findings of the data will be presented in a comprehensive report which is shared with the organisation. Together with the report, an interactive workshop will be facilitated where the contents of the report are further explained together with a set of recommendations to ensure quick implementation. The length of the assessment depends on the research design.

Data collection

The data collection for the Innovation Excellence Scan will be conducted by analysing different types of data (triangulation) to ensure that the research is reliable. The types of data that will be analysed consist of the following: document analysis (plan of approach, dashboards of teams), observations (at team meetings, demo’s, retrospectives, decision-making) and through in-depth interviews with team members and relevant stakeholders (members of the innovation board, sponsors and Innovation Drivers).


Examples of actionable insights we have given clients

  • Use tool X to evaluate how different projects relate to each other and the core business at least once every month;
  • Implement approach Y for monitoring the progress of innovation projects;
  • Classify new opportunities according to distinct categories Z and organise their execution in different teams.

The concepts and aprroach of the Innovation Excellence Scan are broken down into a training programme that allows organisations to perform the scan themselves. The underlying principles, knowledge and toolsets will be explained in an three-day training with coaching which enables your team to perform the scan. After the training session, all materials to aid in the data collection will also be shared.

We are developing an interactive digital tool for the Innovation Excellence Scan. If you wish to know more about this and the possibilities, get in touch.

Team to perform the assessment

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Dr. Magdalena Cholakova

Academic Director

Katty Hsu

Senior Researcher & Startup Facilitator

Michel van Dalfzen

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