Get in the Ring – International Finals

Capacity: 1200 Starting: 1416528000 18:00 - 01:00

Welcome to Get in the Ring! We are proud to announce the International Final of Get in the Ring. Startups from all over the world have been battling over the past few months to win a spot in this International Final. On the 21st of November the eight best will battle in Rotterdam, The Netherlands for the title of World Champion. The goal of Get in the Ring is to put startups in the spotlight, giving them a global podium from which to connect with investors and create a fan base.

In four battles two startups literally face off against each other in the ring. During five brief rounds they present their startup to a jury of Champion investors, and an audience of potential investors and fans, in a competition that can result in a potential investment for the winner. Their goal? Become the World Champion of Get in the Ring.


Out of 64 countries the 8 regional winners have been selected:

  • Africa - GoMetro
  • Asia - eFishert
  • Middle East - Integreight
  • South Ameria - Healthy Memory
  • North America - Spot On Sciences
  • Southern Europe - Nannuka
  • Western Europe - Templafy
  • Eastern Europe - TBA


  • 17:00 Doors open
  • 17:30 Network drinks
  • 18:00 Start event
  • 20:00 Announce winner
  • 20:15 Celebration drinks
  • 21:15 Closing party

Morten Lund

Zsolt Lavotha

Lauren Maillian Bias

Howard Lindzon

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