ECE Congress – Looking Ahead

Capacity: 150 Starting: 1433980800 17:45 - 21:30

On the 11th of June ECE will organize the yearly ECE Congress – Looking  Ahead for the ECE Community members.

For once, lets not talk about our achievements and successes in the past. Our knowledge of the past gives us no guarantees for the future. In this future you have to be flexible, be able to adapt and be entrepreneurial.

Assume we are at year zero and start looking ahead. Foresee and talk about what is coming to us. At the ECE Congress we’ll highlight some of the plans that our members have for the future and shine a light on how we as a community can support this.
At the ECE Congress we start the dialogue on creating the business models of the future. Together with our keynote speakers we are discussing the future of 5 specific sectors:
Energy with Harald Swinkels, the founder of Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij.
Recruitment with Vincent Karremans, the founder of
Space with Daniel Gasperz, the founder of Dwillo.
– Transportation with George Ankomah, the founder of Spencer.
FinTech with Igor Kluin, the founder of Monyq.
Curious to hear their vision for the future of their industry? Join us at the ECE Congress – Looking Ahead, on the 11th of June. The main programme will be from 17.45 – 20.15h, followed by a drink at the ECE bar.

eu-rgb Investing in your future. The ECE Congress – Looking Ahead is partly financed by the European Regional  Development Fund of the European Union.

Harald Swinkels

CEO, De Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij

Vincent Karremans


Daniel Gaspersz

Igor Kluin

Founder of Monyq and Qurrent


Walk in11 June17:45 - 18:15
Opening11 June18:15 - 18:30
Speakers11 June18:30 - 20:00
Closing11 June20:00 - 20:15
Drinks11 June20:15 - 21:30

ECE Campus

Marconistraat 16, 11th floor
The Netherlands
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