Collegereeks 32 – Expansion

Capacity: 200 Starting: 30-10-2014 16:00 - 19:00

The opening of a new branch or office is often celebrated by the  hanging of streamers, the snip of a ribbon or a nip of champagne. No surprise, because this is a celebratory event that symbolises the growth of an organisation. After the party comes the real work: getting the new location to fit as well as possible into the existing company structure and culture.  Particularly if this expansion reaches outside the organisation’s national borders, this requires clear vision, adaptability and  – most likely –  clear directives from  the organisation’s leadership. International success is  attainable, which makes it  even more important to develop and follow the right expansion strategy, keeping this ‘roadmap to success’ always close at hand.

ECE Campus

Marconistraat 16, 11th floor
The Netherlands
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